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for The Last Prayer

12/3/2021 c10 KingConner
add anko
12/3/2021 c6 KingConner
fuck that bitch Kurenai
12/3/2021 c5 KingConner
Thanks 4 the chapter!
12/2/2021 c3 KingConner
Thanks 4 the chapter!
12/2/2021 c2 KingConner
12/1/2021 c14 Martin-di-Arcov
I imagine you adding Gaara
Naruto revealing to him what he learned dealing with Kurama: Sex is the best way to pacify a biju
shenanigans ensue
11/28/2021 c42 Guest
Still my favourite fiction so well written
11/30/2021 c42 4Gunato the Great
Just a suggestion , scrap Tenten and put in Kurotsuchi good lil Romeo and Juliet dynamic. Otherwise great chapter. Look forward to the next one
11/28/2021 c42 Dime
It would be weird if Tenten wasn't included at this point. She's been built up enough in the story it would seem odd if she wasn't, like the Haku stuff was pointless. If you want to include other girls in the harem then go for it, make a massive harem if you want, I legitimately thing the writing is good enough it would be done well, but to do so at the expense of another character who's already been setup would make the story weaker. Adding someone else in her place would feel cheap and forced, and seem like the writer clearly dropped a story line, which makes the author seem worse.
11/28/2021 c42 sisanitor
I remind you that Krishna has 16 108 wife's.
11/28/2021 c42 2zachosg7
great chapter, glad to see this continue, sorry for the late review I had to reread to refamiliarize myself with this fic
11/28/2021 c42 2The Alpha 100
the nicknames are so tacky kinda annoying. great story though
11/26/2021 c42 Guest
It'd be really cool if in your Buffy story Xander get's possessed by the Lion spirit instead. There was another story that did that but Xander in it was really passive and didn't have any initiative.
11/28/2021 c42 Ushiro Kazuto
I've been looking forward to seeing a new chapter and reading it was a blast. I look forward to how this story continues to develop in the future. By the way, any news when you might do an update on the From Ruin story? I know you probably will focus on CoA in the near future to keep ideas fresh and keep the ball rolling but I also hope you return to FR someday.
11/26/2021 c42 Guest
Tsuchikage's Grandaughter for ninth spot? OC? Kaguya...!?
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