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11/28/2021 c42 1NeroBlueRose
How about Fu? She is one of my favorite slightly unknown characters with a similar to Naruto attitude that could probably be used to help ingratiate herself with the rest of the group. Once the engagement is announced waterfall could send her with an envoy as a way to try to join the large Alliance being formed by the engagement. Or when naruto travels to waterfall to speak to their jinchurikki he can see her being treated wrongly and save her from both the village and possibly akatsuki as well.
11/25/2021 c42 Guest
How about you add Konan? Her past lover Yahiko looked a bit like Naruto and it would be great if Naruto could show her that Obito was the one that setup Yahiko’s death so they could accept his “help” to run the Akatsuki. I don’t know if you’ve read “The Last One” by Megadarkly but it’s a prime example of how Naruto and Konan could work as a couple. And winning her over will help the battle against Madara in the long run. It would also be cool if you could bring Naru-nii into this Naruto’s dimension. I think the older Naruto’s dimension is a goner so might as well bring him on over. Plus that Naruto is in LOVE with Sakura so he can have her all to himself if you do bring him over. That way you would have two vacant slots! So you could also add Kuroshuchi from IWA to complete the nation’s! That way they’ll all be at a stalemate. Or if you could slide Fuu in that’d be nice since Naruto could have a girl that’ll relate to his situation. Koyuki would also be a nice choice since she’s such a rarity in pairings with Naruto!
11/27/2021 c42 GrimStormWind
Great as always
11/27/2021 c42 1RedVer
Great chapter, but I felt like the words quivering and quim were overused in kurenai's lemon
11/26/2021 c42 ASS WE CAN Boy Next Door
1) Harem's limitation is idiocy of the same level as the 8th season of the game of the thrones (which I only know on the fanfast scenario "a MotherFucking Dragon").
2) Your attempts to describe furintime principles of mathematicsfisics are the level of books in a black hole inside of the ass of Nolan mother.
3) Excessive filling of fiction sex toys Instead of normal sex, promoting the script and character disclosures, reminds the grinding of the impotent-pervert, which has long been no erection.
11/24/2021 c42 yoto
bon chapitre
11/24/2021 c42 Guest
Another great chapter.
Have you only thought about letting the ninth spot be vacant or also maybe replace TenTen with a different girl. Maybe a filler girl like Shion, Shizuka, Amaru, easy to mold characters. Or just leave it at 8, its fine either way. Tenten not being a wife isn't as significant as somebody like Ino not being a wife.
Thanks for the read!
11/24/2021 c42 KGBeastboy
First off great chapter it was very entertaining.

Sad that Tented won't be part of the harem but with vacant spot I do have some candidate that could fill in the 9th wife. I have 3 possible characters that could candidate for the last spot. Note the numbers are not base on my personal favorite, though I belive my first and last one options sound the most interestingto me. I tried my best to fit them into the story, but change anything if you can come up something better.

1st Shizuka.
The idea that Jiraiyai promise his student hand in marriage years ago without him actually planning to accomplish it to avoid getting married himself sound like something he'd do in Canon. I could see Shizuka and Towaki explained the situation and willing to change some of the traditional rules given Naruto parentage and importance for the Leaf village. While Naruto would not want the marriage with Shizuka. However given the Nadeshido Village have been extremely patient and avoid rushing the issue for so long to only be denied would not appear great for the newly appointed Hokage or the Leaf. I could see the rules being Shizuka stay in the Leaf instead of taking Naruto to her Village, but she is allowed to to return to Nadeshido anytime she want. Shizuka is not allowed to interfere with Naruto other wife or children or harm them in any way, but Naruto is required to spend time with her and get her pregnant at least 2 times. One child for the Leaf and the other for Nadeshido. Any female child Shizuka give birth has to stay with in Nadeshido half the year and the other have in the Leaf until they are adult by there Village standards: then they have to stay in their respective village. Then they are allowed to do whatever they want within their Village regulations. With the Villages verifying to each other how the children is and give a reasonable explanation if the child has to stay in the other Village for more than originally intended. Given her Village is entirely of females and have to go search for males mean the can females can only give birth to females. The relationship started at first as for the benefit for their Village, but latter developed real feelings later on.

2nd Shion
Have here story start similary to the movie seeing Naruto dead in one of his visions, but as the story goes sees more visions of him as a adult with his wifes and children. Only to see a vision of her with Naruto. Causing her to start loving him. Also given she can see the future Shion will likely know how to best pleasure Naruto and tell the other wife to maximize the best ways the pleasure themselves and avoid feelings uncomfortable during sex.

3rd Yakuno Kurama
The reason that Kurenai is trying so hard to make Hinata reach her potential is because she failed to do so with her past student Yakuno, with Kurenai sealing away Yakuno powers. So when she hears that Kurenai is getting happy married seem will piss her off that she is getting everything she wanted and not her will unlock her seal and bring the monster out. This is a part of Kurenai past that she has to correct and cause Kurenai to see the similarities that Yakuno has with Naruto. Both burden with monsters inside them and wants to prove themselves. Naruto will likely sympathies with Yakuno and understand having a monster inside them. With it started as Naruto trying to help a friend to quickly becoming a relationship with her. Plus it ironic that Yakuno's clan is called Kurama and Naruto tailed beast is called Kurama.
11/26/2021 c42 Reasonable man
Well. I've been reading this fic for whole week and I have a lot of contradicting feelings.

I really like how you portrait Naruto in your fic. He is doing everything to make his precious people around him happy and he is really succeding. How he twists his oponents arguments into his own benefit is very fun to read.

Second thing that I liked is how you describe lemons in this fic. You even describe feelings and opinions of his partners after their sexual act. I like how they are wondering about how Naruto literally making them melt.

Some battles made me feel worried for main characters. Like Naruto being kidnapped, Hinata fighting against his own cousin and fight against Itachi. I hope there will be more that kind of battles and situations.

Now there are some parts I disliked or I can not feel right to agree. Firstly, most of girl of his harem looks forced. Ino was drugged, Sakura was blackmailed, Kurenai was drunk, Temari was forced to it like a mission just as Mabui and Samui. The only reason that this somehow worked, because Naruto was very good at sex, so these girls just started to rationalize their situations and accepted him. Just because, Naruto himself is very good person and will make everything to make them happy, makes me feel safe for them. If he was some kind OOC and manipulative/abusive jerk, you could lost a lot of readers and receved a lot of flaming.

I hope in next chapter there will be more time with other girls. Ino and Kurenai already got their screen time. It will be really fun if Hinata awakens as some kind of sexual beast that always tries something kinky and Naruto could barely handle her. All other girls will be using her as weapon to put Naruto down :)
11/25/2021 c42 M.D. Hurricane
Nice to see Asuma getting out there and working through this all. Be cool if he apologized to Kurenai like our golden boy said. He and Tsunami will look cute together, and he'll likely be a good dad to Inari.
11/23/2021 c42 jim
I have waited for you, I did not want to bother, the only thing I can say is thank you.
11/25/2021 c42 kingrobert84
Awesome good sir great chapter although Tsunade seems to be intentionally be trying to break them up with how hard she's pushing
11/23/2021 c42 Borello
great work. i can't wait for more chapter.
11/25/2021 c41 kingrobert84
How would asuma react if he found out about tsunami and naruto from the og original chapters
11/25/2021 c42 Nosbor
Thanks for the chapter.
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