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for The Last Prayer

10/9 c21 10jumpin
Wow! Extremely well written. Especially the Sakura stuff. The only issue I see is that her arc with ino. Ino in a lot of ways is as damaged as Sakura, otherwise she never would have did what she did. She went so far that I don’t see a logical way to write a reconciliation. It should either end with Sakura emotionally shutting down and ino realizing that she wasn’t helping her friend but making her worse or just a violent altercation where one of them end up dead
10/7 c1 Guest
Heeey, I really liked your story! I hope you continue it!
10/1 c42 Random Guy
I did read the other story from this author, about the time looping Xander, and I was like: Wow dude this is awesome, does this author have any other stories?' then I read this and was like," wow, the author become WAAAAAAAYYYY better at writting in just a year, because this story is utter and complete garbage, Honestly, after the chapter with Ino raping Sakura, I like, skimmed a lot just to see if she was going to get tortured and gangraped as Sakura looked and did nothing, as a good revenge. But no, it got downhill from there. Naruto in this story is a complete social retard, with his Ninja Jesus magical charisma somehow amped up to eleven, and even then ... dude, this story is garbage, pure shit.
9/28 c42 Guest
Por favor actualiza , a los que no les gusta que no lo lean pero al que le gusta que lo lea por favor actualiza
9/29 c20 Amargi'sNodachi
This was one of the SHORTEST FoD arcs ever. Bravo and Well Done!
9/29 c13 Krypton71
Would love to know your Recs of the stories you said do harem and training well
9/25 c42 3Predator King
Hope your still out there, it's been nearly a year but hey, take all the time you need! I just hope this gets finished cause it's surprisingly a very well in depth storyline for what i first though was going to be a basic harem fic, but i was pleasently surprised, so I hope you get back to writing this if that's what you want, anyway, hope your doing well!
9/20 c1 blandshit000
Didn't like this story. Never mind the horrid grammar, but the characters are extremely unlikable. don't know why these morons are begging for updates. Its utter trash, don't bother, even the author gave up on it, which is probably a blessing in disguise.
9/19 c42 rogue1Bois
9/18 c1 rpgfan1
Please update this fic it has been a long time.
9/18 c42 freetime36921
Trash. Absolutely and utterly trash. Do yourself a favor. Dump this trash heap of a story and enjoy your life. This is to the author and any new readers.
9/13 c42 NOOBY999
Yoo man i love this fic please i need more man...when is the next chapter coming?
9/9 c42 Bebop2010
I really hope this story continues. Just stumbled across it and it’s been a great read.
9/5 c42 Readd
still waiting
9/2 c42 rpgfan1
Please update this story,it has been a long time.
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