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11/23/2021 c42 JustDusty
Do you have anything planned for Mei?
11/23/2021 c42 blazes207
I really miss this story thank you again
11/23/2021 c42 9afreask
Pass around the popcorn and other snacks. We are going to witness (well read) something glorious.
Quick question though. Ok, so we have:
1. Kurenai
2. Temari
3. Ino
4. Sakura
5. Hinata
6. Mabui
7. Samui
8. Mei
9. Tenten
You're missing someone from the Stone Village. Well, Kurotsuchi might be a good fit for this entanglement but there would be no space for her. Do you have someone in mind to remove?
11/23/2021 c42 TheSonicTurtle
If Tentens spot is vacant then I’d suggest Anko or Yugito to fill it. I could easily see scenarios for both where Naruto gives Yugoslav and B a warning for Akatsuki and then comes to her rescue against Hidan and Kakuzu, they’d need to keep her safe and have a good reason for having her in Konoha, or just have a deeper relationship start there and keep her in Kumo. For Anko it’s cliche but the whole removing of her seal should be within Narutos capabilities soon if it’s not already, she’s already spent time with Kurenai and it seems very in character for her to go after what she wants regardless of public opinion. It’d cause Tsunade an even bigger headache but since when has Naruto cared about politics?
This are my suggestions but even if you leave the spot open I’m curious to see how Mei ties in more eventually, and I’m excited to see everyone’s reactions when they see Samui and Mabui and realize they actually caught feelings for Naruto. Can’t wait for the next chapter, keep up the good work!
11/23/2021 c42 THEtoken1
Out of everyone, tenten doesn’t fit, or even mesh well, great chapter though
11/23/2021 c41 8Gundam Meister Uzumaki
It is called the Akatsuki.
11/23/2021 c42 niybruh
Replace her with fu the seven tails jinchuriki allows you to save another tailed beast and give naruto someone to relate to. Ignore if you already did something with her its been awhile since i read the older chapters
11/23/2021 c42 Doomharvester1
Yay. Great update and I'm honestly kinda happy about ten ten not being in despite actually quite liking her as a character. She didn't seem to fit properly. I still reckon Kurotsuchi could be a good fit. Iwa fit her in the omai as an assassin for the 4ths son. She gradually falls for Naruto like they do. Naruto would accept cus his naruto, iwa would push for it due to the perceived powershift of suna, kiri, kumo and konoha alliance through marriage. Konoha would accept cus it essentially gets then access to the tsuchikages grandaughter as a "hostage" against hostile action from iwa. This could also act as the binding element to bring the 5 nations together against Obito, Madra, Kaguya and the red dawn (can't remember the japanese name)
11/23/2021 c42 1EarlSilver
11/23/2021 c1 wanvonsan
oh my f*cking GOD LEGGOO
11/22/2021 c2 TheShob
Beautiful idea
11/22/2021 c3 RuneFather
That was a lot more than a hug. Still works though, awesome chapter.
11/22/2021 c41 dragon slayer of death 98
hey are you ok its been a while since any new chapters, you haven't caught covid have you, or had an accident
11/22/2021 c2 RuneFather
Naruto needs a hug. I demand you give Naruto a hug holy shit. Awesome so far btw.
11/20/2021 c41 GrimStormWind
Love the story and hope you continue
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