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10/17/2021 c39 JaimonDosFendu
It's funny how a smut oriented fic can have one of the best Naruto fix-it plots out there. The evolution of the characters is so constructive it's great. I had my doubts with the "Ino arc" at the start but it only gets better and better
10/13/2021 c41 Banshee157
If you know how to read, then read that again, I mentioned the relationship are more acceptable because they're formed with time. There are certain aspects of eroninja which are better like the fighting capabilities and few characters which were developed. But there main team rarely does anything wrong. Everything is too smooth for naruto unlike here. The females in eroninja all fall for him in just one chapter (2-3 exceptions), there gotta be some hangups. Finally, It all comes down to personal choice. You like that better, good for you. ... If you still gonna be a kid about it, yeah you asshole this fic is better. As simple as that.
10/13/2021 c41 banshee157
over 2 months now. UPDATE awaited.
10/11/2021 c41 GTFO
And the moron comparing this tripe to Eroninja, you need to get your fucking head examined.
10/11/2021 c41 GTFO
what the fuck!
I thought this fic was good. The characters are mindbogglingly stupid and the plot is a fucking drag. Half a mil words written and we're still nowhere.
FUCK THIS SHIT, cannot believe I wasted a weekend on this crap.
gonna rage on the reddit post that brought me here. Thanks for nothing.
10/11/2021 c10 flys36
ok I admit I'm a little disappointed, with all that Chakra control lessons I had hoped he would be able to make the Rasengan without the clones.
I don't think that in real life an enemy would wait for you to summon a clone and then wait to have it scratch in the air above your hand
10/11/2021 c5 MoJoe
why is he helping ungrateful people for just a waste
10/10/2021 c31 ASS WE CAN Boy Next Door
"With a small microphone by his mouth, Genma welcomes"
Genma with a lilac hair kunoichi was killed in previous chapters.
10/10/2021 c1 ASS WE CAN Boy Next Door
I'm at chapter 31 now.
So far, before this chapter, the characters are written very well, since the author draws heavily on his real experience, weaving into the story.
However, now in chapter 31 we are thrown from 12/10 of a stellar plot to a piece of shit with the relationship of animal mating dogs on the street with the first stranger who comes across strangers under the guise of finding partners for sex (chamomile).
And this is more like a plot from a porno hub or hentai doujinshi like trash metamorphosis manga.
My current rating: 5/10
10/6/2021 c3 Axccel
“Never being one for a purely physical relationship. And then the next paragraph talks about her sleeping around with men she didn’t connect with.
10/4/2021 c41 Danny R Williams
Another great story with plenty of action and suspense.
Story has great juicy lemons.
Story needs several updates to bring up to date.
10/5/2021 c2 Axccel
Alternate title: “Naruto Mugs a Death God”
10/3/2021 c41 banshee157
it has been over one month. UPDATE awaited. good thing about this fic is the connections are more real, more acceptable. in comparison to eroninja,where the characters hardly do any wrong and are always shown to be good, just a few guilt moments and everything is good. this has better development.
10/2/2021 c25 1DatGuy1st
Damn good for you for getting a new idea with Mabui and Samui
9/28/2021 c41 Guest
I hope Sakura joins narutos hearm it's clearly obvious she wants to be part of his hearm and experience the love Naruto has had for her since day one uñlike the first time when she hurt and broke narutos heart she can experience the real deal and finally realize and truly understand how deep his and her own feelings towards each other truly are and finally live life she always wanted except it's with Naruto instead of sauske who she originally thought was the one for her but in reality he wasn't I hope next chapter Naruto and Sakura can finally have there special moments together it's been since chapter 19 or 20 since they done something like that
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