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for The Last Prayer

9/19/2021 c41 Eb-8
This is so good I read this a 3rd hats of to you you absolute mad now I gotta ask the question of how you're going to fit iwa into all of this.
9/17/2021 c41 Daiku -sama
Yoo i love this story keep up the good work my G
9/16/2021 c6 Guest
all of the fuckwits whining in the reviews, eat a dick and shut the fuck up. Said it before and will say it again. 'This fic is a blessing. You do mix up the tenses, but thats minor nuisance. keep it up bro.
9/16/2021 c41 Guest
Your power scaling is terrible.. Naruto should be leagues above Sasuke and has that much difficulty James him in the previous chapter? ASSPULL.

DANZO DOING ALL OF THIS CRAP? Unnecessary drama and not realistic.. he would have been already executed for attacking Comrade and treason.

Honestly He Should of not Gave Naruto So much Trouble at All. Where did the Bullshit Seals Come from.. Danzo should not have feels strong enough to suppress Kurama Chakra. Lol
9/12/2021 c40 Guest
Sorry he's in nine tails chakra mode and can't handle Sasuke
9/12/2021 c40 Guest
Naruto in sage mode can keep up with Orochimaru, but Sasuke is too much to handle, how?
9/10/2021 c32 Guest
Is Sasuke just going to keep getting a free pass for everything?

And why is Naruto acting like the "Power of Friendship" will fix everything? Its so damn childish
9/8/2021 c28 Guest
Why is Anko always portrayed as a slutty? Seriously where did that trope come from
9/8/2021 c24 Guest
Naruto is so painfully naive
9/5/2021 c35 AnimeA55Kicker
Holy shit Naruto is an SS class shinobi
9/3/2021 c41 Guest
It's very unrealistic that you nearly Danzo to get away With everything he did.. realistically he should be Already excuted for Treason earlier.. His Actions are even more baffling in this story and
9/4/2021 c30 AnimeA55Kicker
Does Minato have a tragic background? Or Jiriaya?
9/3/2021 c12 1Professor Fluff
is the flower based off the gold of kanabalu?
9/2/2021 c16 AnimeA55Kicker
What a dumb motherfucker.
9/2/2021 c14 AnimeA55Kicker
So I was right about the date rape...
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