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3/26/2019 c4 Fyhdhf
Hope you add Shizuka or Shion
3/27/2019 c4 44TokehGecko
Very Nicely written! Easy to follow!

So hard to find good fics these days. I always enjoy timetravel elements in fics, and this one is done splendidly! You keep young Naruto and old Naruto very IC.
Don't forget to include different perspectives of ongoings, though. People like Shikamaru, Kakashi and Sasuke are sure to notice sudden differences.
I like how you're handling Kurenai a lot! Wish more people would be as daring.

As a sidenote: Hope you add in Samui, too
3/26/2019 c4 79YeagerMeister31
Well I must say this was an interesting chapter but some things were creepy, I do like this story but WTF is up with making Naruto having some sort of dog cock, that almost made me puke reading it, is it this way because of the Kyubi I wonder, Suffice to say it's downright creepy you give Naruto some kind of fucked up cock.

With Ino being the first girl in the harem is interesting, I wonder what will happen next Ino is avoiding Naruto so there's that.

Having Kurenai in the harem is amusing adding Hinata well that sux I agree with Hiashi on his views on Hinata, I am curious though about Kurenai's thoughts on Naruto not being able to do a normal Bunshin, she's a Jonin so knows about the Kyubi being in him. There are far too many stories where she thinks Naruto's nothing but a joke, the fact Hinata told her he's not as dumb as made to believe was interesting.

I guess she's not a medic so wouldn't know about his Chakra coil effecting him doing jutsu's.

Choji drugging her is weird I mean why would he do that was he planning on sleeping with her himself or was he thinking it would calm her down because that didn't happen.

Glad your adding Sakura would like to see more of her though, Adding Temari, and Tenten is cool adding Mabui is interesting, you don't see many stories where she's paired with Naruto would be the first for me.

Naruto from the future making Naruto stronger earlier is interesting the fact he's already learned the first stage of the Rasengan is cool.

In a way because of this weird cock any lemon is gonna be cringe-worthy, not that I won't enjoy the lemons well other than the Hinata one which I'll skip.
3/25/2019 c3 2Legendary Earthling
These are my own thoughts on Sasuke. His optimism and need fire the villagers approval was certainly toxic in the beginning, because it had no merit. However he always saw the village as family and each person was someone new to acknowledge him. I think Naruto felt a strong kinship between Sasuke and Gaara because they were kids screwed up by their families. Naruto felt the loneliness keenly and the more he got to know Sasuke, the nore he felt responsible for him. Sasuke is an asshole and antisocial but Uchiha are screwed up lol. He's probably the person Naruto loves the most next to the third Teuchi and Ayame
3/25/2019 c3 79YeagerMeister31
Well I must say damn NaruIno is my second fav pairing after NaruSaku, I admit Sakura not being Naruto's first kinda sux but whatever and damn Choji why the hell would u drug Ino damn not that it worked for him lol and now Ino's had probably the most fulfilling experience of her life in all 3 holes lol not to mention Naruto probably loved it also
3/25/2019 c2 YeagerMeister31
Well that was interesting and kinda sad but even if Sakura's my fav female I admit she was a total bitch to Naruto and only really changed after the wave mission and changed more when Shippuden started
3/25/2019 c1 YeagerMeister31
Well I must say that was quite freaky and poor Iruka still it was kind of interesting also
3/25/2019 c4 WhateverPlus
Awesome Chapter, Continue Please.
3/25/2019 c1 12MindForged
As I commented over on Archive of Our Own, this is good. Your worldbuilding and dialogue are excellent. I didn't even realize Ino had been drugged, haha. Just give a bit of buildup for others. Like with Sakura you already have Naruto and her interacting more. Maybe just let slip a couple of times some hint that she begins having feelings for him so the inevitable lemon is more of a payoff.

Keep up the good work and I hope to see more soon!
3/25/2019 c4 1Reaping Shadow
Just read your last AN and i gotta say i never realized that Choji actually drugged Ino, i thought it was a weird side effect from the flower or pheromones thorugh his sealed tenant XD but that actually makes much more sense.
Great story tho, original idea and engaging writing, honestly jsut wanted to read a chapter but read the entire thing through.
Also as an afterthought, maybe add Karui to Naruto's girls? She has somewhat of a fierce personality and beauty which would greatly blend with Narutos character.

3/25/2019 c4 ultrachols
wow, that's great. I hope you'll add some NTR to history. . NTR is amazing. Make everything Naruto NTR! Temari and Yoshino from Shikamaru and dad Shikamaru, Kuerani from Asuna, Inori Yamanaka (wife of Inoichi - Naruto). Yugao Uzuki (Naruto) (girl Hayate - Naruto). . Make him fuck and seduce his women, Anko, Shizune, Sakura, Ino, etc ... Great job!

Kurama could give Naruto pheromones to make it easier to seduce and fuck girls

It would be nice if Naruto fucks girls and their milf .

ps naruto should praise sakure for her forehead and kiss her. show her how she feels about her ,without deception how to turn into a sasuke
3/25/2019 c4 WindyCitySlayer1
I personally like the number 9
For the nine tails he has sealed in him
It’s symbolic
But if not Mei then Konan but I like them both together
Please continue
Can’t wait for more
3/24/2019 c4 PartyinLA
I really enjoy reading this so far. I understand it’s a harem thing but to be honest the story you got going is pretty interesting, I enjoy the simultaneous stories you got going with Ino and Kurenai and in extension Hinata . I also appreciate the amount of information you give us on Inos mental state and her thoughts. Really well done. I really just hope the pacing continues as it is. Having the “explicit scenes” happen almost side to side leaves no room to breath but I hope you keep on with the Ino/ Naruto situation for a while.
3/24/2019 c4 vincentiusnatalus
This story is good
3/24/2019 c4 George Cristian810
please take sakura out and i dont think kurenai will go for him when she knows about hinata crush . You could add samui , she is hot , maybe haku as a girl and you could have several girls or women as parteners without the full time relation bc of theier position like Mei , kazehana and the rest of the princess he saved . Also shion is a good option . Keep the good work .
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