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for The Last Prayer

3/31/2019 c3 Fuyuriku
ending his day knocking out in his sleeping bag
knocked out

for it's cooling relief

her fishnet stalkings
her fishnet stockings? Never heard of stalkings

Her C-cup breast bounce

way Ino ride his leg

Despite it's aggressive

With ever etch of her pleasure membrane
every inch?

Fuckin him just is and her cerebellum is immediately rushed
just is ... ?

stop. Ahn,
3/31/2019 c2 Fuyuriku
Than he won't

than the illusion has you

'No!' Naru-nii quickly calls.
'No!' _should be bold

be able to hear all prayer

than it might be able to

was even tailored made for him
tailor made

tottaly going blow his mind
tottaly going to blow

whenever I wants

before your done
before you're done

into a tight not
Thank you for the read.
3/31/2019 c5 WhateverPlus
Great Chapter, Continue Please.
3/31/2019 c1 Fuyuriku
she watches his mother pull out a pill
he watches
Thank you for the read.
3/31/2019 c5 AJGuardian
Oh shit. That's some real drama you got going there. I still wonder how Ino got so hot and bothered around Naruto. What the hell happened
3/30/2019 c5 12MindForged
Woah, this chapter went pretty dark. I was a little unprepared for it... It's getting a little off how willing everyone is to be mean and cruel everyone is. Not badly written, just a little much. Not much levity so far.
3/30/2019 c5 Portgas D. Potter
( ' 3 ')
3/30/2019 c5 biginferno
interesting story I hope Tayuya, Samui or Yugito make it into Naruto's harem though Tayuya deserves a spot the most Naruto will definitely give her a better life than what she has in oto
3/30/2019 c5 drakk91
I love your story overall and your characterization, and I'm really curious on what you're planning to do, but seriously what the fuck?

I would be disappointed if there isn't some serious repercussions after what those girls have done to mini-naruto, that's some serious abuse/manipulation going on.
There isn't anything to build an healthy relationship with any of those girls, the classic crutch of hinata, a means to an end for kurenai and the useful idiot for the others. Yami naruto should be one hell of an opponent later on.

And yes the knotting/bestiality was disgusting, valuable reasons or not.
3/30/2019 c5 3Dark Link M Smith
need more of this hope to see more sex with ino
3/30/2019 c5 Spect3r
I just hate Sakura so much that even seeing her here makes my blood boil. Its horrible thinking that she May actually have some fans.

Ino and Kurenai, their characters are horrible as well. İm mostly neutral about them but you define their characters as worst as possible.

Just fck them up and show them that Naruto doesn't need any of them. Naruto gotta grow up after all that hurt.

But other than, i like your writing style. And gonna be around to see them tamed (if not dead)
3/28/2019 c4 killendell
Well, this was a new story that I just spotted, and I'm glad I did! Thanks for the fun read so far, and I look forward to seeing more of this in the future!
3/26/2019 c4 Fyhdhf
Hope you add Shizuka or Shion
3/27/2019 c4 44TokehGecko
Very Nicely written! Easy to follow!

So hard to find good fics these days. I always enjoy timetravel elements in fics, and this one is done splendidly! You keep young Naruto and old Naruto very IC.
Don't forget to include different perspectives of ongoings, though. People like Shikamaru, Kakashi and Sasuke are sure to notice sudden differences.
I like how you're handling Kurenai a lot! Wish more people would be as daring.

As a sidenote: Hope you add in Samui, too
3/26/2019 c4 80YeagerMeister31
Well I must say this was an interesting chapter but some things were creepy, I do like this story but WTF is up with making Naruto having some sort of dog cock, that almost made me puke reading it, is it this way because of the Kyubi I wonder, Suffice to say it's downright creepy you give Naruto some kind of fucked up cock.

With Ino being the first girl in the harem is interesting, I wonder what will happen next Ino is avoiding Naruto so there's that.

Having Kurenai in the harem is amusing adding Hinata well that sux I agree with Hiashi on his views on Hinata, I am curious though about Kurenai's thoughts on Naruto not being able to do a normal Bunshin, she's a Jonin so knows about the Kyubi being in him. There are far too many stories where she thinks Naruto's nothing but a joke, the fact Hinata told her he's not as dumb as made to believe was interesting.

I guess she's not a medic so wouldn't know about his Chakra coil effecting him doing jutsu's.

Choji drugging her is weird I mean why would he do that was he planning on sleeping with her himself or was he thinking it would calm her down because that didn't happen.

Glad your adding Sakura would like to see more of her though, Adding Temari, and Tenten is cool adding Mabui is interesting, you don't see many stories where she's paired with Naruto would be the first for me.

Naruto from the future making Naruto stronger earlier is interesting the fact he's already learned the first stage of the Rasengan is cool.

In a way because of this weird cock any lemon is gonna be cringe-worthy, not that I won't enjoy the lemons well other than the Hinata one which I'll skip.
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