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8/7/2021 c41 2Malchior
Some minor tidbits, the reason the Akatsuki were delayed for 3 years wasn't because of money, it's because the Three Tails/Yagura was killed by Ao dispelling the genjutsu controlling him. This happens sometime around the Konoha Crush or possibly the Sasuke Retrieval arcs.

Obviously, this didn't happen in your story, but its something a lot of people forget. Especiallu since the idea that the Akatsuko needed more money and support is an obvious lie, as they literally needed no support once they initiated their plan. At best, one could argue the money was needed to pay spies and informants to keep tracking the Jinchuriki, but even that is a massive stretch.

Also, Zetsu said the biju need to be sealed in order of least to greatest, or else it doesn't work. Each sealing takes several days to accomplish, unless you're a Mary Sue like Madara. This means they can't just attack and capture each of the Jinchuriki all at once, because you're talking about holding them prisoner for weeks at a time, especially if it takes longer to seal for every tail a biju has. Shukaku took st least 3 days if I recall.

Minor plot issue, but Naruto would be able to sense Zetsu hiding on one of the Root. Especially since the Root emotions would feel very different to Zetsu's and would, therefore, stand out to him, as he is no doubt keep his senses trained on them in case of further betrayal.

I kind of do have to wonder, is there a specific reason why Hinata is kind of being held up as the perfect. pure, princess of love and honor and all that is good in the world? A little facetious, I know. but it just seems so odd that Naruto has very well established a kind of modus operandi of Meet girl, Date girl once or twice, Fuck girl. It just seems very odd that Hinata is, basically, the only girl to actually be dating Naruto. It feels out of place with the rest of the story.

I get that it's partially due to getting Hinata over her crushing shyness and everything, and I'm not saying Hinata should immediately be jumping into bed with him. But it feels weird that everyone is bending over backward to allow Hinata to have this more classic romance to develop with Naruto, even possibly at the expense of their own relationship. Everyone seems to have just accepted this unspoken rule that Hinsta *must* be involved, because not having Naruto/Hinata is sacrilege.

Every single other girl has had doubts expressed about her inclusion in the relationship, except Hinata. It's like, "Well Kurenai is old, and jra inappropriate and yadayada" and "Ino raped Sakura, and is a monster and yadayada," and "Sakura is fucking crazy, and obsessed with Sasuke and yadayda," but then it's like, "Hinats is in." and everyone is liked, "Well due, of course. Like anything else could ever be allowed."

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Hinata and I will figuratively and violently, flay you alive if you remove her, but it does feel weird. I kind of figure Hinata would be acting a bit more like Asia Argento from. Highschool DxD, being shy, and adorkable, and naive, but also fiercely determined to prove her love, even if it forces her out of her comfort zone.
8/7/2021 c41 masteroftech02
Solid chapter, really enjoyed it. Fend bad for Naruto getting cock blocked though. Anyways, can't wait for the next one!
8/7/2021 c10 Alcov
I’m really surprised you aren’t putting ayame into the harem.
8/7/2021 c41 odd500
Glad to see your back. I feel you could have add some further punishment to Itachi but with what feels like the current direction you could hold off or make it so Itachi as Itachi is dead and can't really be around Sasuke the way he wants.
8/6/2021 c41 210tailsJinchurikiNaruto
AMAZING i can't wait for the next one
8/6/2021 c41 Silber D. Wolf
8/6/2021 c41 dbtiger63
I've enjoyed the ride but it's over for me here. This update was the last for me and LP. Naruto being kidnapped, almost losing to a known enemy was too much. If someone this dangerous is forgotten, I have no faith in Naruto's future. He's vulnerable each update due to focusing on his "family" versus taking out those who almost destroyed his counterparts world. Initially the inaction was lack of power and knowledge. Fixed that yet lover boy constantly forgets he's a hated Shinobi with many strong enemies.


8/6/2021 c41 Hellwyrm
'Does he think we can attract so many mates without a superior pleasure horn?'

Fucking lost my shit laughing. I also gotta say, Sharingan is singular and plural of the word as far as I know, so when Danzo says he'll add Itachi's eyes to his collection of 'Sharingans' that was incorrect.(It drives me batty, just like when people type kunais or shurikens... there is no S damnit lol)

Great chapter, I was wondering how you were going to deal with Danzo, especially after his attempt on Karin. Satisfying as hell I must say, fuck that snake and the ground he slithered in on.

I hope Tsunade is able to do something for Itachi, he's genuinely a good guy dealt a very bad hand. I'd love to see some redemption for him going forward, and you've definitely started it in the right direction. Though I am annoyed that Zetsu managed to get a front row seat, hopefully Naru-Nii managed to impress upon his other self *just* how much of a threat plant bastard is.

I look forward to the next one, until then, stay healthy and safe in this troubled world.
8/6/2021 c2 Alcov
Just found this. Looks good so far.
8/6/2021 c41 Hashashin
I expected that a chapter after so long would at least be somewhat decent and not this long ass skippable TV drama.

After so long waiting just to see danshitzo and ROOT somehow being able to kindnap Naruto, a Jinchuriki by the way, with a Yamanaka (presumably) and putting his conscience into a Fucking stuffed animal.

Itachi and Danzo talk skipped 70% of it. Naruto btw was literaly me reading.

Naruto doesn't spam cloning to kill the entire ROOT was BS.

Itachi and Danzo fight was literaly copy paste of Itachi vs Sasuke and Sasuke vs Danzo, which made me dislike this chapter even more. The fight in a serious and realistic scenario would less than a third of what it turned out to be.
8/6/2021 c41 3Dark Link M Smith
wtf did I just read. I waited this long for trash shit chapter with no sex again like WTF
8/6/2021 c41 biob1
Nice work
8/6/2021 c41 Juan Ramon Avellaneda
te amo, y gracias por el capitulo
8/6/2021 c41 5MurderOfBael38
espero que los proximos limones sean buenos, porque la forma en que los describes me hace recordar cierto tipo de dibujo de H que es bien excitante, lo unico malo de ellos es que la mayoria es NTR, pero el tuyo no es NTR asi que es mas rikolino... ademas, tuve que leer los 3 caps anteriores a este para ponerme en contexto, y asi recorde como me encantaba este fic
8/6/2021 c41 Re Lovely Lover
1) Deidara, Sasori, start with the three-tails. Kisame, you alone will be more than enough for the five-tails. Tobi, capture the three-tails."

2 three tails.

2) Well this rather sucks with them acting years early. A lot of people hes unlikely to save now because he wont have the free time to act anymore.

3) Whst sexual situations?

4) Welcome back. Hood to hear you're doing well.
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