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for The Last Prayer

7/28 c32 Guest
Did you forget that sauske fought naruto in the first match in the primary rounds before the main one and lost so how the hell is he in the main rounds then only naruto made it in team 7 in your fic
7/27 c1 Guest
If you wanted sex in the story why didn’t you just wait till shippuden?
7/26 c1 Guest
Chronically aged up the characters for your story a lame attempt to justify using sex in a story and often done by poorly a sad excuse for writers who wouldn't know common sense if it walked up and shook you hand put them at age 16 at that point in time nothing would have been born it's the most stupidest idea I have ever heard for a fanfiction do us all of favor and figure out way to do it without the sex and then you can probably do a Naruto shippudory everyone where it takes place bonehead
7/22 c1 Guest
seems like this story is dead. tbh, this was 42 chapters too long. good seeing thrash finally frizzle out into obscurity.
7/20 c39 Guest
Naruto might spend a second to appreciate the fact that the very reasons he has not lived through a world war (or most likely died in one, together with his "grandpa") is exactly that, after failing to mentally enslave them for eternity in an illusion (hardly any better, but the best they could think when it came time to deal with objective traitorous elements that were drastically overestimating their own abilities and believed they deserved ultimate power in the village as a birthright -when most people didn't trust them nor wanted to be ruled by them, for whatever reasons, and they were objectively unstable-), he indulged the Uchia clan in their desire to self darwinate. Again, this is in the context of the Hyuga enslaving half their family, etc., Kumo trying to kidnap Hinata, Kumo, Suna, and in some respects Konoha as well, and the other villages, sealing demons into kids to create human weapons. Just to remember the context. In this milieu, quite frankly, not risking the lives of the whole population on a bet that a clan of superpowered assassins with a history of betrayal was not conspiring, or killing them in advance when you discovered they were indeed conspiring to kill you and a whole lot of other people, quite likely triggering a world war over a bruised overinflated ego, does not ever remotely meet the mark. Plenty more glaring examples of reasons to complain than spurned pride from a clan that, after all, was given by fiat a lot of power as members of the military police in a military dictatorship. And his head was literally on the line. Quite frankly, him not killing Orochimaru when he had the chance was a thousand times more regret worthy than Itachi saving the village a rebellion and rule under the boot of a tyrant they hated, and the world a global conflict.
7/20 c39 Guest
I mean, objectively speaking, considering everything they did in the course of the war with Iwa and the fact that they are in the business of training child soldiers and using torture, I really don't think that eliminating a threat after making overtures for peace that were spurned (not that, in the context of a military dictatorship, it should have been assume that they ought to negotiate) would make the list. In other words, in the context of, again, people that train child assassins (as Mist's final test makes clear) and essentially work as mercenaries, he would delusionally ignore the very pregnant fact that, on top of slaughtering their way to power, wanting to rule as tyrants over a populace that explicitly didn't trust them and didn't want them in power (Madara lost the vote, and objectively speaking they were the only clan with the power to control the Biju, which they did before -and technically, given Obito was behind it all, an Uchia was behind the mess once again-), they wanted to overthrow him personally -quite simply, ever ignoring them wanting to start a new world war, the reason Itachi and Shishui acted, despite being unable to come up with anything better... and in that respect "enslaving them with an illusion forever" hardly constitutes an improvement, they were after the Sandaime's head... Quite plainly, if you don't want there to be s**t, don't start s**t: they wanted to slaughter they way to the top, subjugate the village under their boot, and kill the Third, and they were preempted with the very same measures... again, for the last time, the context here is a military dictatorship, where they are a clan of soldiers, super powered ones that it made sense to keep away from the village if there was any non zero possibility that they could have traitorous intentions or pull a mess like the one they tried to pull on numerous occasions in the past, given the incomplete information at the time, their subsequent behavior certainly only reinforcing that assessment based on historical precedent-.
7/20 c1 banshee157
2 more days and it will be 8 months since last update...update awaited.
7/17 c42 3Storylover213
So question is this story on Hiatus? I only ask cause I love this story but I see that your updating Chain of Ascension more then this so I'm just curious is all.
7/14 c42 1TheEternalSage18
I love the story so far, and the semi-realistic circumstances that led to the pairing, and I hope you come back to it soon. I feel like, with his future knowledge, even Naruto’s exponential growth is understandable and doesn’t feel rushed. I like how you go from multiple perspectives, too, cause it helps more specifically show character growth and maturity based on thought processes and actions that we wouldn’t normally see otherwise. Please come back and continue soon, this is probably one of, if not my favorite, non-crossover Naruto fanfic.
7/13 c18 rageouss
this is worse than canon, by several magnitudes. In here, the retard is actually 16; yet he does this? sorry but what the fuck is this abomination man
7/11 c18 Phazer12
Ohhhh, I can see why Ino is doing this herself but damn if all parties are not gonna hurt. Ino most likely wants to start a real relationship with Naruto and for that she doesn't want Naruto to pine after who she saw as her greatest rival. She also wants to get the photos part done and dusted.
7/10 c12 Phazer12
I am liking this very much.
7/8 c2 Phazer12
I remember starting this fic but loosing track of it near the beginning itself. But I am glad I am back and after reading 4-5 fics where the author for some reason tries to show pre-teens as smart and mature and cynical as 30 year olds and then twisting the plot all over just to fit their view, this is such a fresh taste
7/7 c42 bloodbrother 18
Hope you don't give up on tenten can't wait for more
6/30 c1 1Im bored of life
P.p.p.s. From anko with love “DODGE!”
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