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4/14/2022 c42 Dark8888Sun
Loved the story
4/11/2022 c21 Guest
The story is not bad really, but I really just can't read naruto being the second option for the girls, it happened with kurenai and asuma, now with ino and Sakura.. and poor naruto doesn't even know and still is clueless, like wtf give naruto some spine, let the girls work for it.. he easily just accepts them all, I know it's your story and fanfiction and all, but seriously author would you just accept things like this if you were in your naruto shoe.. sigh
4/10/2022 c6 Guest
hahahaha really xD object of her scorn, and she just go abeshit on a kid. Are you retarded?
4/4/2022 c42 banshee157
update awaited...over 4 months since last update. you keep updating the buffy fic. take some time for this one too.
4/6/2022 c42 Aquajacks
I loved this story, one of the best I’ve ever read on this site. Thank you so much for the hours of entertainment kind author, eagerly waiting for part 2 3
3/30/2022 c10 Guest
hey my man, ever heard of head-hopping?
look it up if you haven't; and stop doing it.
3/30/2022 c34 Zepher Vrael
Haven’t even finished this chapter yet but gotta say, the way Jiraiya is so invested in Naruto’s love life is hilarious. I was laughing a lot reading this. Good stuff.
3/27/2022 c1 Guest
PHYSICALLY REPULSIVE! Absolutely horrendous!
A brain dead retard would have a better sense of grammar then the author.
Not trying to be a dick, but when you come across a story with over 600k words and the writer has no idea how to keep tenses separate... yeah, no thanks I'll pass
3/25/2022 c42 Guest
Please, continue the story, it’s great!
3/23/2022 c42 Fuck You
Its strange that people are paying this moron to write this pile of garbage.
And even stranger, the foolish author is actually still writing this dogshit.
3/21/2022 c42 banshee157
update awaited...over 3 months since last update
3/18/2022 c42 Guest
Really need some more chapters my guy
3/16/2022 c1 kingrobert84
When's next update good sir
3/16/2022 c42 TheThoughtless
This chapter is definitely much better about a lot of my earlier criticisms (character screen time was a big one) but the biggest for me is that the Tsunade drama didn’t seem forced in this and the clan mission she did with naruto for instance were steps towards building that chemistry I wanted between her and naruto (ironically not of the lemon variation in this very citrusy story).

I definitely feel I came off harsh in my review of chapter 41 but I can’t edit it so my bad I think there are very valid points made and questions raised but it definitely could have and should have been more fleshed out and less of a rant.

Despite this chapter being a mostly character interaction and largely lemon focused it moved forward and thankfully for me mentions the previous chapter very little. I can’t wait to get to kumo and kiri even beyond that.
3/16/2022 c41 TheThoughtless
I forgot how much I hated this chapter, not only was it insulting how easily got captured but he can’t even stop someone from literally taking his body, and his seal expertise didn’t stop him from getting completely sealed either it was weak honestly and instead of coming off as a cool idea with itachi taking over root it feels like when an anime decides they made their character too strong and decides that he’s just weaker now for no reason, no matter how quickly naruto was captured and he got out it feels like an eternity and at no point was this chapter pleasant. The kidnapping is infuriating how weak this character feels out of nowhere, the breakout doesn’t have him get angry go on a very well deserved rampage at this point. Once again Tsunade has acted like an antagonist for seemingly no reason, the omiai is a political marriage but so long as what they want out of it what they get (I.e temari not being first wife) they have literally zero reason to care in canon or your canon there is no implication that they force village marriages politically so her having a problem and this talk with kurenai is needless drama, nice speech and reaction but this doesn’t need to be rehashed if she doesn’t marry him they’re not going to stop him from being with her or fucking him so there’s zero point it’s just a title and it’s a waste of time.

I like itachi, I do, itachi’s biggest problem is his little brother, but in this chapter his biggest problem is he has no reason to have the relevance he does, you want a sasuke arc I don’t agree with it and don’t enjoy it but fine I get itachi’s place in that but we’re still trying to introduce the lofty 9 man harem you’ve made we’re generous if we say it’s half made considering the amount of screen time and interaction they get, there is no reason we need a side character who’s entire role is to be the guide to another SIDE character getting an entire chapter made to make him look cool and also give him an organization to run.

Like your clearly not chunin level naruto has still only gone on two actual (not d rank) missions, he only knows like 4 jutsu, he despite what he’s done is still being treated like an absolute child by a lot of people (cough everyone with authority cough) in his village I’m not saying that’s the be all end all but every time he does something there’s a committee made to doubt him, and then we had a good chance for him to show his intelligence, his skill, his strength, to clean konoha of its dark underbelly and instead naruto is a bystander on itachi’s wild ride.

That was a rant I think there are valid points here and this is only my opinion, but this is by far my least favorite chapter and should I get the fancy to reread this chonker of a story again I hope I remember to skip it because it makes more mad on my second read.

Still great story (4/10) needs more anko
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