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2/28 c40 Iamabitxh
I love this
7/3/2019 c40 53AquaEclipse
Of course there are diary entries. Why are there not diary entries. I will be looking forward to it, and my tumblr blogs Hetacanons (aquaeclipse) and Hetalia Diary Entries (thenationdiaries) are open for your usage.
7/2/2019 c39 AquaEclipse
and so we enter the 21st century with a mass attack. typical history.
6/27/2019 c35 Ella Rose1
Omg love this! great job I cannot wait for more
6/27/2019 c35 AquaEclipse
Hey, at least we're through. Now, out of the wok and into the fires of the not-so-Cold War.
6/26/2019 c34 AquaEclipse
Mood whiplash much?
6/24/2019 c33 AquaEclipse
*stop talking
…Goodness, I'm early, and it's just going to get rougher, eh?
Hey, at least my finals end tomorrow afternoon.
6/20/2019 c31 AquaEclipse
Oof. Happy to see relationships emerge and blossom, not happy for self-harm. Obviously.
6/20/2019 c32 AquaEclipse
Nice siblinghood bonding method though.
6/16/2019 c30 AquaEclipse
Am I ready? I'm always ready, unless this is right before an exam and I have to speed-cram.
6/15/2019 c29 AquaEclipse
Don't worry, you people, Liet will treat your dear one well, and he does know how to fight!
6/14/2019 c27 AquaEclipse
I'm glad to see that they can be happy despite this turbulence. Somewhat.
6/8/2019 c25 AquaEclipse
I really don't wanna know what's up next, but I have a feeling that self-harm will come into the mix at some point.
Also, I was re-viewing Chapter 1 this morning and it mentioned the siblings "switching"? Are you going by that 'social anxiety' theory circulating somewhere in the fandom?
6/7/2019 c24 AquaEclipse
Don't worry, you can handle this. I believe in you. It's terrible, but there will always be recovery.
6/5/2019 c23 AquaEclipse
More trauma is yet to hit…this much I know.
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