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for Shelter

5/21/2020 c1 2k+Hawki
Nicely written.

(Sorry I can't comment more, not familiar with the setting.)
5/10/2019 c1 GoneSailin
Very cute, I really like how you wrote these too under-used characters . . . I found them very mysterious in the game, and it is nice to read about them enjoying each others company, when they always seem so alone. And I love your descriptiveness!
4/27/2019 c1 Guest
Nice story. Well-written, and I'm a sucker for focusing on less-popular characters. Also explains the Wizard and Linus's friendship that we see in game.
4/7/2019 c1 23Danny Barefoot
'beard to beard' is an amusing way to put it, quite a light hearted little piece. I guess in a farming simulator they're naturally concerned about gathering herbs and the weather, and of course who isn't concerned about romance? You've described the seasonal aspects of gathering in a vivid way.
3/31/2019 c1 Fivefatducks
3/20/2019 c1 11Motherflipping Oak
Aww. I never thought of this pairing before, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Such a charming snippet.

Also, "A caterpillar was climbing a nearby leaf, but he could feel butterflies in his stomach" is a brilliant sentence.

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