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for Alone

1/25 c1 FireRuby
Excellent poignant little piece about love! 3
8/16/2019 c1 Deleted Account Pending Remove
Oh... What a beautiful story. You've taken everything that Strange Magic hinted at for Bog and Marianne, and brought it out, real, in soft hugs and sharp scales. They are completely adorable. I love how you keep them both completely themselves: Marianne's softness and wildness, Bog's fierceness and tenderness. They are perfectly adorable. Well, I said it before and I could say it countless times.

I do not know how to review a story as wonderful as this. You deserve many more praises for your turns of phrase, your dear descriptions of prickly, sharp, scaly, lovable Bog and his fierce princess, your heartfelt moments of emotion that show both their bodies and hearts as so shatteringly real, so vulnerable, so different and unique, so precious, so strong. I am so glad they can finally be happy, and that you are there to help us see a little bit more of it.

The only thing left I can say is: Squeeeeeeeeee!

-Jewel Ganondorf
3/20/2019 c1 29Morgul-squirrel
The emotional whiplash has left me reeling. I've fallen in love with the love portrayed here and I can't get up! But seriously...

The opening. Bog's hate is so visceral I a was left wondering if you are okay over there. And I'm leaving at that due to the publicity of this message. But seriously that was intense and I'm in awe over here. I love it! It hurt but it was fantastic, and it just made the hope and /relief/ that followed feel so blissful.

They are an adorable couple and I love the '2 hour' joke you threw in there. That was good. And apologizing to the whole kingdom for banning love. The wording was funny, and I smiled at it.

But that first half. Bog's hate and despair oozed out of my phone and I loved it and. The second half of the fic while adorable and lovely definitely eased the tension, but for me the first half is the high of this fic.

Take care! Thanks for sharing, and good luck with all your writing.


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