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for Marriage Law Loopholes: Arrivals

11/22/2020 c7 alannalove1990
Oh sweet Luna
11/22/2020 c6 alannalove1990
Awwww home
11/22/2020 c5 alannalove1990
Oh snaps
11/22/2020 c4 alannalove1990
11/22/2020 c3 alannalove1990
So sweet
11/22/2020 c2 alannalove1990
11/22/2020 c1 alannalove1990
Wong is so nice
7/23/2020 c9 Patronus
Wow...I didn't know this story was being continued...nice of you to take time to continue the one shot and write a sequel too...though am confused by the avengers timeline...

Good job though for this great story...am loving it.
7/24/2020 c9 9LigerJager
You know, Tony's reaction is normal for anyone (doubly so for him). People might not like Tony on principle, but behind Strange and Wong, he'd probably be their fiercest protector and advocate. Especially since his abuse and torture is still fresh (and he can most likely recall it in HD).

I wouldn't expect Steve, Sam, Natasha, or Clint either to understand unless they've been exposed to such violence growing up. Natasha less so because she has an extremely low EQ. In fact their reactions are extremely judgmental, as if they have moral high-horses over Tony.

The same with Hermione...to an extent. But as she is quick to judge normally anyways this is no surprise. Also we have her side of the story as well. I do wonder, considering how Strange and Stark are very similar in personalities if she will eventually take the time to get to know Tony? Probably not but that would be interesting if she is willing to go outside of her comfort zone. They have the potential to get along like a house on fire but it seems more like oil and water right now.

I would say well done for getting a reaction out of me, but I will also say that most of the time sympathy and pity accomplish nothing.
7/22/2020 c9 1angel897
interesting to read, the term cult fits very well
7/22/2020 c8 angel897
enjoyable to read
7/22/2020 c7 angel897
interesting to read as always
7/22/2020 c9 2roon0
Tony really is an arse. Thank you for the updates, I really look forward to more. Keep safe.
7/22/2020 c8 roon0
Very ennjoyable chaper, I love Wong taking time over his outfit. :D
7/22/2020 c7 roon0
It was good for Luna and Hermione for Hermione to have her mini breakdown. Lovely chapter.
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