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7/16 c25 2Black Kyurem
Say, would it have been "too easy" to mention that Mayor Davis has borderline personal issues with Lynn Loud Jr., owing to her roughhousing and competitive nature as well as "cheating" at the Royal Woods Astonishing Quest? I don't believe she's mentioned during the trial or even appeared, but is that because it would have been "too easy" to find the nine Loud Sisters and their parents guilty if she had testified as she represents all of Royal Woods?
7/16 c1 Black Kyurem
You know what this needs? Its own TV Tropes page.
7/14 c1 Guest
Thank you Black Kyurem for pointing out it's unnecessary for Lincoln to have a girlfriend especially at his age in this story, it's just ridiculous that almost every writer puts him into a relationship.
7/13 c26 Black Kyurem
Would it have been too much if while Carol comforted Lincoln she started humming "There Must Be Something More" from the 1973 animated adaptation of Charlotte's Web? One could argue because this fanfic is rated M, but come on, "Cheer Up, Baby" was sang TWICE already and it's not like Teddy Ruxpin makes a cameo anywhere.
7/11 c19 Black Kyurem
Let off some stream, Lincoln.
7/9 c2 Black Kyurem
Hey, wait... If Lincoln had videos of his sisters tormenting him unfairly on his Social Media page, why didn't anything happen BEFORE his stories started spreading around? Was no one able to access it? Also, why would he have posted those videos in the first place, especially if one of them shows him buck-naked? Was he secretly hoping he could escape his hellhole of a house somehow or someway before everything in this story goes down?
7/9 c7 23Thomas Linquist
While those of a certain bent might see this story as a "harem fic", i see something I've always wanted to play with, even without the family problems of the Loud family.

Despite (and sometimes because of) his flaws, Lincoln could easily be seen as the ideal big/little brother, especially by those who don't have one. Heck, the kid has even been known to pacify the perpetually grumpy Mr. Grouse. Given the situation in this story, and the back history from the show (which Child Protective Services would look at rather closely, I should think), that sibling mode is hitting these girl hard.

As stated, I've always seen the scenario where, if all other things were equal in the Loud house, the girls might all have received requests, at one time or another, for the "loan" of Lincoln. Forget the man with the plan. He would be the man in demand.
7/8 c20 2Black Kyurem
Ever heard the song "Bring Him Home" from Les Mis? I love the musical. In the song, the main character Jean Valjean prays to God for the character Marius to live through the French revolution. Valjean had taken custody of a girl named Cosette, raising her as his daughter, so as he is old and has lived his life, he prays for Marius to live his own so that he and Cosette can look after each other.

"He's like the son I might have known,
If God had granted me a son."

Not gonna lie, in a very similar manner, the song at times fits me and my thoughts towards Lincoln Loud, and I don't think I ever felt that way about a fictional character. Yeah, I got that invested and never saw the original cartoon series. Holy shit...
7/7 c5 Black Kyurem
(chuckle) Okay, not gonna lie, Clyde tackling Lincoln and crying on him at the beginning of this chapter just keeps reminding me of that scene in Disney's Tarzan when kid Tarzan's run-in with Kerchak has Terk rushing in and hugging Tarzan with the whole "Thank goodness you're alright" thing and feigning sobs. Kerchak's only response is just looking off and shaking his head like "Oh boy, you gotta be kidding me".
7/6 c14 Black Kyurem
If I may nitpick, I would think a more logical reason for Lincoln not to go home with his biological family right away would be because Lori and Lynn Jr. were out to get him just moments ago, practically threatening him. That alone is certainly grounds to refuse to go home. And this was regardless if Lincoln saw that his family genuinely missed him or if he thought they were faking it. We know later that in court, it was Lori and Lynn Jr. as well as Lisa who wore him down mentally by yelling at him, causing him to have his first mental breakdown during the trial.

But here's a nitpicking question I have, and maybe I'm not the only one who asked this. If only Lori and Lynn Jr. caused trouble, why did the officers arrest the whole family? And why did Lincoln's friends and their parents scold the whole family?
7/5 c28 Black Kyurem
Well, I doubt Ronnie Anne's reasons for bullying Lincoln to begin with stem from Lori dating Bobby, or at least I don't think it's quite canon, but it kind of makes sense here, having seen 90% of Phineas and Ferb where little Suzy Johnson torments Candace because she dates her older brother, Jeremy. It's the ol' little sibling being attached to the older sibling kind of thing.

This particular fanon reason for Ronnie Anne's bullying is fascinating, but at the same time leaves confusion as to why Lincoln should suffer for what Lori did. But then again, Lincoln is still unfairly the butt monkey in the series, so it's a part of fan fiction that (God help me) is faithful to the original cartoon series.

Were I a betting man, I'd say Ronnie Anne's real reasons for bullying are financial struggles in the family, which is canon in a way, but since Ronnie Anne and her family help each other out, they're all on steady grounds with one another, which brings me to the question I always had, despite never seeing the actual series. Why didn't Ronnie Anne just seek student counseling instead of being a bully? Everyone knows it's asking for help that makes you stronger, not weaker. Bullying makes a person weak, no questions asked.
7/3 c31 Black Kyurem
...I am blown away. This is one of THE best Loud House fanfics I've ever read despite not seeing the cartoon. I've no interest in seeing the cartoon as based on what I've heard, it can get about as detached from reality as that bad movie The Good Son, and that's saying a lot. As with other Loud House fanfics that I consider Top 10 material, however few, this may be another scenario if The Loud House was hit with a dose of realism, but it does stand out with its moments.

First of all, there are the obvious bonding experiences. Lincoln goes from being friends with relatively minor characters to being family when they become his legal guardians in the end. Most people tire of cliched Loud House fanfics that portray Lincoln as depressed and/or suicidal as if he was a saint who did nothing wrong, but fanfics like "A Dark House: Inadequate" and especially this one steer clear of it to remind viewers that Lincoln has done wrongs before, he simply just wants to be loved by his family, as more often than not, he feels left out. This also ties in to a theory I've had, that if Lincoln has screwed up, he's felt compelled to out of wanting attention or just to do what he wants to do, instead of always helping his 10 sisters. There's also an air of impression that Lincoln is being pampered, but at every turn, it is countered as simply giving Lincoln much-needed love and attention that he felt he had to fight tooth and nail just to earn from his parents and sisters.

Second, another sort of cliche is completely avoided in this fanfic - romance. While it is hinted that Girl Jordan and Cristina are sort of falling for him for his dorky charm, the latter seeing a whole other side to him that she never considered, Lincoln has no real girlfriend from beginning to end. He and Ronnie Anne remain close friends as do the other Gal Pals who continue to treat him as family. Some fanfics usually insist on shipping, or readers half expect it to be present, whether it's the cliched Lincoln and Ronnie Anne pairing or something rarer. While this fanfic gives the illusion of dropping hints of pairing Lincoln with either Girl Jordan or Cristina, or perhaps any Gal Pal for that matter, in the end, Lincoln is fine without a girlfriend and the Gal Pals are one big family instead, far more important than getting Lincoln a girlfriend at his age.

So overall, this was a fantastic read and definitely worth my time. While both this fanfic and "A Dark House: Inadequate" are amazingly realistic, with one hinging on depression and suicidal tendencies as part of the plot and the other focusing strongly on the values of friendship and family, they strike me as polar opposites of each other, giving me two aspects of Loud House fan fiction up there in what I deem as Top 10 material. Kudos to you!
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5/10 c31 16Omarnosian10
Spent the weekend binge-reading the story! Love it! Other then a few retcons, it's great! Keep up the good work in your other stories!
4/2 c1 Tristen
Happy 2nd Anniversary!
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