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7/25/2020 c5 1ThePaleDarkness
At this point you just outright forgot that Mercer even exists, and this is still pretty stupid in story, there is literally no possible way that this "Vulture" had children, and one of them gave birth to Mercer or something stupid like that, my advice: don't make crossovers, you're not good at them.
7/25/2020 c2 ThePaleDarkness
Ah just great, you made a bad story, and the first chapter, despite it being an incredibly short one, made me think this was a good crossover.
7/23/2019 c5 11Notsae
Vulture seems to have a whole lot less powers than Blacklight; the only thing he seems better at is consumption and we only have his own word that he could consume Blacklight. If Mercer ate one of the pieces he seems to leave behind, he might get an immunity and then the tables are turned because Alex is better in every other way we've seen so far. Still, this is interesting I suppose. Oddly, the internet hold next to no information on this Vulture character other than two sights vaguely acknowledging he exists and another saying he's a shapeshifter and who eats memories. Odd.
4/11/2019 c5 14The pen or The sword
So I have to ask how is Vulture the better infiltrator? Maybe Im missing something as Im not aware of who exactly this other shapeshifter is but from what Ive seen thus far he seems to be mercers equal when it comes to infiltration and his inferior in ever other category.

They both kill there victim and steal all there memories no sign of one being better there. Hell Mercer can switch his faces on the fly without needing another victim on hand so it could be argued he's superior in that category. The only advantage the vulture seems to have is his immunity to blacklight sensors...

My point being mercer seems to have this vulture beat in nearly every category and thats only after existing for a month, Mercer's ability to adapt and evolve will only put him further out of vultures reach as time goes on.

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