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for Black Bitten

5/7 c17 desperataeny
Good luck Hermione :D
5/7 c16 desperataeny
I don’t like Ginny in here, so creepy
5/7 c9 desperataeny
Lol I’m excited to see their romantic progress
5/7 c8 desperataeny
Lol Bellatrix take that dirty surprise move from Hermione
5/7 c7 desperataeny
Awww angry Vampire Hermione
5/6 c6 desperataeny
Hermione score the Black Sisters hat \o/
5/6 c4 desperataeny
True mate
5/6 c4 desperataeny
So Hermione is the Black Sisters mate eh
5/6 c2 desperataeny
Owhhhhh it’s getting interesting and moreeeeee interesting
5/6 c1 desperataeny
Lol oh my very interesting beginning! I wonder what happen and count me in to the journey of Hermione and the Black Sisters <333
12/26/2020 c22 E.Elliot
i love it!
11/4/2020 c22 Guest
More chapters please
10/17/2020 c1 wolfy48
please update soon love the story on how Hermione is mated to six people its awesome keep up the amazing work I'm excited to read the next chapter
8/27/2020 c22 Arial Wolf
Totally fricking awesome bloody brilliant thank you for this amazing tale of sexyness and hotness thanks
7/17/2020 c22 18Kigo Queen
I was pleasantly surprised to see this! Yay!
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