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7/27/2019 c1 Guest
Needs more. Very funny
5/1/2019 c1 SusanCastleFan49
Trying to clean up open things on my iPad and it appears I never reviewed this. Equal parts funny and horrifying. I honestly can’t picture Beckett with jowls, but I’m trying! I hope we can get everything resolved and Kate on Weight Watchers! Thanks for writing!
4/6/2019 c1 101Liv Wilder
Oh, my God. Did you ever punk me with the resized engagement ring. This is too funny. Kudos on the deception. Just shows how our innate prejudice plays into our (my) reading of a story. Onwards to Ch 2. Liv
4/5/2019 c1 1mobazan27
Howling. Oh my fucking margarita pizza, I can’t even imagine her heavy. I can’t.
This reminds me of Shallow Hal, even though I saw only about 10 mins of it.
I have no idea where you’re going with this, but I have a first class ticket.
4/2/2019 c1 Lyn
Funny and touching, great start.
3/31/2019 c1 fanficfan452
Very funny, I thought she was pregnant at first. I love your stories. I can’t wait to read the next chapter. Great job!
3/31/2019 c1 Guest
"what's cooking ?" hahaha ! boy, is she in to her triple chin !
Loved this... definitely very AU, and very off-the-wall, indeed, but great fun !
Thank you
3/30/2019 c1 Guest
3/25/2019 c1 2Ke14uk
Now that's creative writing... Looking forward to the rest of the story!
3/23/2019 c1 hawkie
I have no idea what I just read. This is weird and fantastic at the same time, so I really want to know what happens next.
3/23/2019 c1 jennkyle
Great first chapter and dam Beckett is pissed i understand why great job and I can't wait for more
3/23/2019 c1 Madelynn one
HEY, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED. ARE WE IN AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE? I've been unable to sit and read for a few days. I read another fic and it was so far out of the norm that I started wondering if I have developed dementia. I'm so confused. If you remember Moonstruck, I'm the elderly grandpa who says "someone tell a joke". That's how I feel. Besides, that damn Castle episode was a mess anyway. Couldn't one of those high paid writers come up with a reasonable theory, shoot they could have called the X-Files folks, shoot. Now I'm rambling. I'm going for a walk.
3/23/2019 c1 ksatan624
OMG ! Kate who weighs 100 kg... I had to read this chapter twice...I thought it was translation errors... but no! What horror...at last...wait for the continuation ! Maybe a dream ?
3/23/2019 c1 21AleciaB
Funny. Skewed. Way out of the ball park. Willing to plow on with the next chapter while I munch my way through a bag of chips.
3/22/2019 c1 dopeysac
Wow! LOL! I can't wait to read what happens next!
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