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for REWRITE:The Boy King

2/25/2020 c1 scyfly
fucking awfull writing, i reckon 10 year olds withour writing lessons can do better. you place a space at litraly all the wrong places that is not just bad knowledge that is doing your best to fuck it all up
2/22/2020 c1 1Someguy the anon
dear lord what's wrong the punction it hurts to look at. I'm hoping text to speech allows me to ignore this... crime
1/11/2020 c1 1redHussar
I wasn't able to read even the first paragraph. One word - commas! They should be after a word, then there should be space. Something like 'Xxxx xxxx ,xxx' seems unnatural. It should be 'Xxxx xxxx, xxx'. Maybe I would even try to read it, but I saw in reviews that half of them are written by you! It felt like artificialy increasing your statistics.
8/9/2019 c1 5RowdyRob
I write what I want if I am a weirdo so be it. Its all about bad guys becoming good guys. Keep in mind the Joffery I write of is not Joffery at all, but an ex-pro wrestler one who loves his fans. Oh and has may not be everyone's cup of tea but I am having a ball writing it.
8/8/2019 c4 RowdyRob
Author freaking out here .OK Chapter 4 appears to be screwed up.I posted it edited it and what shows up? Consequences my other darned story!
I go back to publsh,document management and clik on exported chapter 4 and it is right .Come back here and its wronmg ? Jumpin jehhosafat at the beach it is gonna get delted !
8/7/2019 c1 qwertypous
What if you choose another character? maybe from the starks youngest children. idk if you know this or your just a weirdo who loved joffrey but majority of us loved to see joffrey suffer and die..
6/6/2019 c3 mykusxz
Your work is getting better fam!

My only complaint is the way you write a character's thoughts. It's reads better if you write a character's thoughts in italic.
5/9/2019 c2 RowdyRob
some may gripe at me for mistakes.I really do want to write better .I am not getting paid for this so bad reviews are paper lions with no bite.
5/8/2019 c1 Unbenannt
This is retarded
3/21/2019 c1 mykusxz
I liked and followed this story.

My only problem with it is the bad grammar. Improve that, and you will probably get a decent amount of followers.

Lots of people like fix-it/SaveTheStarks fics :D

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