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7/26 c1 2Crazykat100
Will chapter 8 be up soon? Just curious? Also what going to happen next?
7/15 c7 Crazykat100
When's the next chapter?
6/18 c7 Guest
Very good chapter! The scene between Esmeralda and Quasimodo is so tense, especially when the bellringer is still recovering from his beartbreak... As for Diane, well, I'm intrigued :)
I can't wait for more.
6/9 c6 Wingless Blackbird
Your new chapter vanished while I was reading it, you may want to check on it.
6/2 c7 Wingless Blackbird
Hi looking forward to the next chapter
5/20 c7 Guest
I really like how the story goes so far, and I hope you're still interested in it.
If you have some time, please add another chapter.
Take care!
8/18/2019 c6 10Firewolves16
This was honestly really good. I would love to read more. And if you need a beta still, i could try
6/2/2019 c6 lady-dame
I really like this story! Diane is beautiful and her vision of evil really complement's Quasi's! I also like Lord Riden id that odd? OMG I can't wait read more of this! also it's pretty well written I feel like i'm watching a movie!
4/15/2019 c5 129rebecca-in-blue
"Everything" is not lost. The cathedral's wooden roof, spire, and one of the three big stained glass windows are gone, and those are all terrible losses, BUT the Notre Dame's main structure (stone arches, flying buttresses, and interior) are all still standing, just damaged.
3/29/2019 c2 25civilwarrose
This story has an interesting premise! Poor Diana- having to deal with her, I guess- pimp- Lord Raiden who is so cruel. I hope she finds a friend in Quasi. I like Clopin's (rather misguided) notion of trying to arrange some female company for Quasi.

Definitely following this story. :)
3/27/2019 c2 21kamikaze-djali
It's an adorable / sweet take on making a sequel. That Quasimodo is only seeking to talk with someone is pure innocence. Diane is in for a surprise, that the man seeking her is not wanting anything rough or perverted. Just a lonely soul looking to talk. Agreed, Quasimodo would have a LOT of mental and emotional baggage after the movie.

FYI: Pianos were not invented for at least 175 years after Quasimodo was ringing bells.

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