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3/24/2019 c1 Viktoria
I read all your BalalaikaRevy fanfictions in the last few days. I had no idea how good fanfictions could be. 3 I'm amazed how well you understand the characters and can translate them into an erotic fiction. They feel so real.
You hint at the problems there would be when people knew about them, which are not so easly justified. The standard problem in being together with a mafia boss, would of cause be, that you could harm/kidnap Revy to blackmail Balalaika. BUT we are talking about Revy, so this would be an unrealistic and very stupid plan.
I would want to keep this tention of serecy, because it's the central conflict. But I don't feel like it would be so destructive, if Roanapur knew Balalaika is a lesbian. But oh well, your stories are so awesome, that I can overlook this easly. :D

I love to see Revy unravel and Balalaika not being able to deal with her on this level, but is still trying. That's so... heartwarming or is it heartbreaking? I don't know. Either way it makes for an engaging story. I would love to read more! 3

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