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10/17 c31 4Alongusername
Having Zoe Morgan back for this chapter is a great surprise. She’s such an elegant and bewitching character. We’re back with Root, another enchanting figure. Both of these characters are so correct with the tone of the show. You take such care with them, the main cast and even now I can feel the history between them as their journey continues. Even with your OCs, the ones that appear are grounded and realistic and you can tell that, and so can your audience! Also, having all the main cast opens the possibilities for team-ups that we haven’t seen yet, or want to see more of.

John and Root ‘The Mayhem Twins’. John and Zoe, Zoe and Harold, Harold and John. With Joey and Logan too. Such team-ups are amazing to see, because of what we got in the show, we need more content from great writers like you. You write such detailed scenes, I always feel like I’m right there, with the characters and their words and dialogue only makes that better. The words on the page have a flow, and a style is easy to see. I can always imagine them acting these scenes, your OCs along with them. I do hope you’re doing well with all that’s happening and I’m so excited to see more when you upload more.
10/14 c31 elaine0510
You right such detailed scenes. I always feel like I’m right there. Hope you’re doing well. I hope you got my email a month or so ago. Thanks for sharing!
10/13 c31 Coreenmm
Thank you.
10/12 c31 24SailorChronos1
Oh wow, it definitely looks like the Team has gotten into something that even they might not be able to handle. I hope this operations ends without a hitch. Otherwise, I fear that there will be more casualties.
9/23 c30 elaine0510
What a great chapter! Great insight. Helping Shaw remember. Grace and Harold. John trying to be the rock and hold everyone together, including himself. It was hard.
9/20 c30 4Alongusername
A longer chapter and straight after 29! Wow, your production of these chapters just get better and better. We learn about some new Russians in the safe-house, and even the OCs are well done here. Have I mentioned that yet? Getting good OCs is hard to come by, especially ones that get fleshed-out over the course of a story. It’s so nice to see that progression in people’s Original Character creations. Now we have the team together, Finch, Reese, Root and Shaw. Even supporting character like Harper and Joey appear here!

That’s what’ll help the story tie together in my opinion. The re-appearing characters who have more of a supporting role in the action. Dialogue again is snappy and right with the tone of the show, you’re really keeping it alive for so many after so long! Now that Team Machine has a plan, I wonder how they’ll execute it. In terms of writing, your descriptions are nice and clear as always, and it’s a quality read. I’m enjoying the fact that the story switches from one time to another - allowing us to glimpse flashbacks. That’s perfect, well done.
9/20 c30 Coreenm
Thank you for this chapter. I live every thing you write about PII. You're keeping them alive. I have read all the books again since we were in lock-down.
Thank you again.
9/20 c30 24SailorChronos1
It's good to see that the Team has a plan now, so woe betide anyone who gets in their way. On the other hand it's heartbreaking that Finch still pines for Grace, knowing that with his self-imposed mission he'll never be able to be with her again.
9/18 c29 4Alongusername
I hope Shaw is okay! Such a vital member of the team, and she‘s survived so long. I always thought of Sameen as one of the great characters of POI, right up there with Finch, John Reese, Root and Fusco of course! I really like the splitting timelines, the effect of taking us from one point in time, like 2014, ahead to 2016 works to great effect here. Your writings and descriptions are so detailed, describing the movements, the thoughts of the characters and how they look, and the dialogue rolls, it simply rolls! (That’s a compliment.) The transitions flow too, some are short and some are long. But that keeps us on edge, so well done!
9/14 c1 HumanStargazer
9/12 c29 24SailorChronos1
Wow, Reese is showing an amazing amount of empathy here, which seems unusual given his normal attitude. But at this point the team has been through hell and needs more understanding. And of course, Harold is always there for his partner, almost like a mind-reader.
9/12 c29 elaine0510
I feel like a fly on the wall watching and experiencing everything you write about. Another great chapter. Hope you got the email I sent you a couple weeks ago.
7/4 c28 4Alongusername
A Root and Shaw scene! A great treat for us. Again, the writing is amazing. Such a clear style and definition to every word. Even during smaller moments like Shaw being in Root’s arms. That scene was captured with so much emotion, I wonder how you felt as you wrote it! Packed with feeling and a lot of heart. But I got a sense of tragedy from that last scene of Shaw, maybe it was just me? I’m not sure. But I hope you have more time to produce more Chapters!
7/1 c28 24SailorChronos1
Whoa, that was the creepiest and most beautiful description of an OBE that I've ever read. It shows how close Root and Shaw are. I'm glad to see that Shaw has finally awakened, I was getting worried.
7/1 c28 Coreenmm
The love between Root and Shaw is a beautiful gift. Loved it, Thank you.
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