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6/24 c26 4Alongusername
What an impactful ending! I’m glad that I kept up with your story, it’s been very rewarding to see all of this come together chapter after chapter. I’m wondering what the finale will be! Even though I know we probably aren’t close to it, you’ve written so much for POI and given the community so many long, detailed and amazing stories, I wonder when you’ll embark on your next! Hopefully sometime soon. Also happy to see Logan and Fusco back, as always.
6/20 c26 Coreenmm
Excellent chapter.
Thank you.
6/20 c26 25SailorChronos1
Whoa, Pierce was spotted so quickly? Clearly the enemy has their agents in more places than our team can deal with right now. This puts them at more of a disadvantage than ever.
I don't remember when Fusco injured his eye, I'll have to go back and re-read.
6/8 c25 4Alongusername
1998 is such a unique year to jump too! I’m sure a lot of pivotal events happened much before the plot of the show, and I’m always very curious to see what an author’s take on previous events will be. Everyone has a different perspective and interpretation. I’m liking the amount of Shaw we’re getting right now from you, she’s one of Person of Interest’s best characters, and she deserves to be explored! From past all the way to the present, and the future. I wonder what she’ll be doing next, or where she’ll be! All the best.
6/8 c25 Coreenmm
Enjoyed this chapter in giving Shaw some back history. Thank you.
6/8 c25 25SailorChronos1
Another interesting look at Shaw's past and the influences in her life. I'm glad she seems to be on the mend at last.
6/4 c24 4Alongusername
What a great Chapter! Shaw’s perspective has always been a unique one, and the date gives this Chapter a unique setting. I’m glad I got back into your story, it’s been a rewarding read as I go from Chapter to Chapter and get so excited every time I see a new one appear! You have such a distinct writing style, it really helps the reader visualise, and that’s important. From the setting to the descriptions of the characters, it’s a great, satisfactory read, good job!
5/25 c24 elaine0510
Just as interesting as the last chapter. I’m assuming Shaw is dreaming this as she recovers from her injuries. Enjoying learning more about Shaw’s earlier years.
5/25 c23 elaine0510
What a detailed chapter. I felt like I was right there. I could smell the pipe and the perfume. I cold visualize the principal’s office, the hallway, and the classroom. You a such a talented writer!
5/25 c24 Coreenmm
Excellent. I love to know Shaw's and Root's childhoods.
Thank you!
5/25 c23 25SailorChronos1
Nice insight into Shaw's youth and how disenchanted she seemed to be about life. It's not surprising given that she lost her father at a young age and also has a condition that limits her emotional range.
5/24 c23 Coreenmm
Live to know of Shaw's childhood. I know it was a hard and difficult one.
Reading about how she felt going into a new school is how I felt. I was in 7 different schools in 2 years. Foster homes and orphanages. I only stayed a few weeks or months in some and I learned to shut people out to survive.
4/30 c22 4Alongusername
Wow, 22 already! Just finished catching up over these last few days, and it’s been pretty amazing. Root and Shaw feel better than ever, even if their relationship is taking a turn! Sad to see it, but I hope that they might reconcile at some point. Good to see Logan back now, and Joey too! I always thought that we could have had a great spin-off with them, and maybe some returning characters? Anyway, I’ve got high hopes for additional Chapters! Good work.
4/27 c22 25SailorChronos1
Nice introspective on the characters here. Particularly Root's reminisces of Sameen, who really doesn't process emotion very well and probably can't envision anything approaching a healthy relationship.
4/26 c22 Coreenmm
Thank you. Just love your story. These heroes needed to continue saving others and themselves.
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