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4/30 c22 4Alongusername
Wow, 22 already! Just finished catching up over these last few days, and it’s been pretty amazing. Root and Shaw feel better than ever, even if their relationship is taking a turn! Sad to see it, but I hope that they might reconcile at some point. Good to see Logan back now, and Joey too! I always thought that we could have had a great spin-off with them, and maybe some returning characters? Anyway, I’ve got high hopes for additional Chapters! Good work.
4/27 c22 25SailorChronos1
Nice introspective on the characters here. Particularly Root's reminisces of Sameen, who really doesn't process emotion very well and probably can't envision anything approaching a healthy relationship.
4/26 c22 Coreenmm
Thank you. Just love your story. These heroes needed to continue saving others and themselves.
4/17 c21 SailorChronos1
Wow, what a detailed description of how Reese and the others set up to save Shaw. I hope they're successful. I enjoy this more with every chapter.
4/16 c21 elaine0510
These last three chapters have been so exciting and written so well I felt like I was right there! A blood transfusion done in the ‘field.’ But of course I know you’d figure out a way to check blood types. FInch probably had all that info on file too for all of his operatives. But I like you’re way much better.
4/14 c21 Coreenmm
Thank you so much for your stories.
4/12 c20 elaine0510
Wha a super well written chase seen! I could visualize the whole thing!
4/12 c20 SailorChronos1
Wow, Reese is certainly a crack shot. And I'm sure he's right about there being a third chaser that hasn't made its appearance yet. I hope this mystery is solved before more Team members come to grief.
4/12 c20 Coreenmm
4/12 c19 4Alongusername
Almost caught up! It’s been a ride so far, and I’m enjoying seeing more of Shaw, and the classic POI characters, but in G, it’s the Original Characters that really enhance the world! They give us a different perspective, Rosa and Johanny are two of my favourites! I like learning about the OCs in people’s stories, as I think it’s a good way of letting the story flow, but that’s just me! Anyway, keep up the good work!
4/11 c19 elaine0510
Wonderful to see a new chapter. I’ll send you an email soon. Safe safe!
4/7 c17 Alongusername
Quite the story! I’m just catching up on the chapters that I’ve missed and already I’m falling back in love with this piece! Great character creation, with authentic dialogue and a lot of good factors! The Original Characters add to your story in amazing ways and really heighten the elements that work. Jules, Rosa and the fiendish Zheng all have their place in the story, it makes it flow. Reese and the team have their work cut out! Looking forward to more.
4/5 c19 25SailorChronos1
Nice background for the supporting character of Rosa. It's unfortunate that in this universe, anyone even remotely associated with Team Machine can be placed in danger. Shaw, as stubborn as she is (just like Reese!) definitely needs medical attention now; I hope she'll be okay.
4/4 c19 Coreenmm
Thank you. I enjoyed this chapter.
Hope you are safe and well.
3/9 c18 SailorChronos1
It's been a while, but it's good to see you back. Even with the therapy he has been receiving from Julie, Reese still obviously has difficulty with accepting his reality. He wants to make connections but feels that he can't because of the danger.
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