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for Where Angels Fear To Tread

3/24/2019 c1 4HappyHouri
Scary, brilliant start! All of Harry’s reactions and actions were so visceral, it felt like I was there.

Only one small thing I noticed were one or two adverbs that seemed misplaced? Other than that, and really that took away none of the enjoyment and is probably just me, I am really excited to read your stuff.
3/23/2019 c1 7FitzDizzyspells8
This was really well written. Great prose here, well done
3/23/2019 c1 CaptainYellow
Your description of Harry's dream was perfect. I liked the foggy feelings as well as the anguished atmosphere you painted.
Poor Harry. I swear, you always torture him in your fics!
The ending was confusing. Is Lord Voldemort alive? Is Harry still linked to him and Voldemort is this link to torture him? If so, this fic would take place somewhere during OotP.
But maybe this story is set during DH and Harry is going crazy? Is it all happening in his head, as Dumbledore said?
I need you to turn this one-shot into a multi-chapter! You can't end your story here! I need more!

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