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for Dragon Ball Z: Self Insert

11/3 c1 tearsofthings
Holy crap, you straight up stole like half the first chapter of Dragon Ball Redux by DuncanIdaho2014. I recognized the paragraph about Frieza's power level and being weaker than Beerus. Also the description of Bulma and the whole scene with the gun are a bit different but the words they say are the same. I know it's fanfiction but holy plagiarization!
10/29 c1 Guest
I am so confused is he talking about himself, the story is not clear like dirty water in a lake didn't he reincarnated as Goku so why is he blaming himself refering to Goku like a separate character?
10/6 c9 Mugetsu
Great story, I hope you update again, you one of my favourite authors to come to, for good self insert fics, most of your fics I enjoy. Thanks.
7/12 c9 Guest
Bro have him learn a shadow clone like naruto

Also the raikages lightning armor it could be like his kaioken
6/23 c2 Guest
1, did you even read the title? this guy doesn't have a photographic memory, so he can't remember all of the canon without writing it down on some sort of list. 2, If Hit1903 knows nothing about dbz then how would he know who Grandpa Gohan is? or that Goku has a tail? Because currently in dbz Goku doesn't have a tail. Also, this is an SI as, to quote the description directly, "Goku's older brother." 3, The OC Saiyan isn't just an OC. In chapter one, it says "So when he gave the power pole to Goku, I wasn't jealous." So unless he actually is stupid, then it is obvious that the "OC" Saiyan, Baali is his character. 4, Do you live on Twitter? Seriously the amount of things you are saying contradicts everything about what the story is saying.
6/23 c1 Guest
I like how you said what the power levels are, and I'm assuming that Baali is your character. The chapter is also more... slow-paced than that of dragon ball redux's chapters.
6/16 c8 Aetherium21
Lol your SI is pretty infatuated with Bulma despite her being an idiot and a shitty person
6/3 c3 Blitz Drache
Jesus, your grammar is poor. I hope this gets better man, because you have very interesting concepts. It's just a slog to get through.
6/1 c1 Guest
And I see an OC saiyan which isn’t need lol fuck you for wasting my time
6/1 c1 Guest
Also he shouldn’t be this weak if it’s an Si as goku lol another massive fucking plot hole since this author knows zero about dbz
6/1 c1 Guest
Fucking garbage fanfic since this dumbass author has the mc write future events down lol fucking idiot
6/2 c9 3demosreto
I likedddddddd, when you publish the next chapter, i am exiting about the poder ir bail, he alradey hace a Lot potential.
5/29 c1 Abi
This is my Favorite fanfic so far. And to comentor in the name of Ahtu. I think you forget, in manga there have a scene when Vegeta and Nappa eating humanoids insect looking alien with gun like weapon. So I don't care much when Baali eating bad Rabbit man.
5/29 c9 Red8000
excellent story so far man read it twice waiting on more
5/7 c1 Ophidias
Your first 3 paragraphs all say the same thing, just with different phrasing.

Paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 give the same information as each other.

You repeat yourself for the first 3 paragraphs.

The thing that made me unable to keep reading was actually the constantly switching tense.
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