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2/27 c12 JBMarchhare
Absolutely loved your story! The people, the settings, and events described really transformed this from a simple fanfic to a masterpiece. The local slang wasn't so heavy that it seemed over-kill, but lended to the credibility. A wonderful story, I've even reread some chapters. Well done!
2/7 c12 23westernbeauty
Loved this so much. Still can’t wait to see what happens with Pomerencko, and damn u
I cried over Gertie and Charlie’s attempt to get her standing. Beautifully done xx
10/14/2019 c12 ann.ryce
Ok I know I'm late reviewing, lol. So Gertie and Buster are friends. Gertie and Eliot are limping buddies, how cute. Broke my heart with him tellungbeveryone he was leaving and they all felt he should stay. The worst was Gertie, OMG, that ripped my heart out. She didn't want Eliot to leave. I lived the way Parker and Hardison gave him a hard time, but he did deserve it! Leave it to Eliot to know the best way to get out of the dog house, is to cook for them! I was kind of expecting Parker to Bop him at least once. I love the way you brought up Alice being pregnant and I agree, we need a story about Kip's birth, Eliot finding out, and him meeting Kip for the first time! Farewell Comin' Hime (or at least until I go back and reread it) Once again, another awesome story! Thank you!
10/14/2019 c12 7She-Elf23
Awwwwwwwwwww what a PERFECT finish! It was hard to leave Wapanjara, but as Eliot found out, it was sweet coming back home to the Portland family too. I loved how you showed Hardison and Parker’s worry for him and how each side obviously loved the other even though neither side wanted to be obvious about it. Oh and I KNEW that’s what Alice had whispered in his ear! Aw shucks...I can just picture her whispering to him and that warm smile slowly spreading across his face. (Ah the feels!) And I especially loved the ending with the lyrics and the double meaning there...at the beginning of the story it was coming home to the Wapanjara family and by the end the other bookend was coming home to the Portland family. Nice touch. Once again, awesome tale told and as always I can’t wait for the next one!
10/12/2019 c12 WolfhoundLove1
I so loved this story. The drama was so intense even knowing that Gertie would survive. I found that my fingernails were digging into the palm of my hand more than invade. In trying to imagine how you were going to end the story I could imagine Eliot in danger would get Gertie up but never would that idea have crossed my mind. Fantastically written and thought out so well. I love that song too and found that here and there it was going through my mind during the story.
Looking forward to reading your next story. I've passed them along to my youngest daughter who also loves them.
Thank you for all the work you've done. It's given me many hours of joy.
10/12/2019 c12 10HonestBee
I love this ending, it was PERFECT! Limpet Parker and angry Hardison and gruff Eliot...The problem that had been bugging Eliot rang very true: Parker and Hardison are more than capable of running cons, but they need that extra protection and Eliot is a born protector!

Now, in light of your past stories that are still post-series, I'm wondering what happened to bring Nate and Sophie out of retirement. Planning on shedding some light? Hint, hint?

Looking forward to the next one!

*It's midnight here but I want some of that chicken! And cake. Much cake*
10/11/2019 c12 Guest
I love your stories. Keep on writing! - terbear
10/9/2019 c11 WolfhoundLove1
A beautiful ending to poor Gertie's struggles. I hope she's really out of the woods.
Glad you're feeling better too! I'm moving at the end of the month so things are crazy right now. Can't wait till it's over. Talk soon...
9/29/2019 c11 7She-Elf23
YAY for another chapter and YAY for Charlie! Loved how his love for his brother drove him to do a clever and brave gamble. And for some reason I loved how Gertie was just so obsessed with trying to track down Buster that she hardly even realized she was standing and moving lol...boofhead indeed! Glad Eliot can no longer worry so much about Gertie...although it sounds like he’s still got some mending to do himself. Poor boy doesn’t know how to rest properly at all. Ah well, glad his family is there to keep an eye on him still for just a bit more. Thanks again for the new chapter and for writing entertaining tales! You know I always enjoy them!
9/26/2019 c11 ann.ryce
Hmmmm...seems like it's going to make it to 12 chapters, lol! You did a wonderful job of getting Gertie back on her feet, totally upsetting Eliot, and having Buster help out while surving Gertie's attack! I don't think Charlie had thought about how angry Eliot was going to be, but the plan worked. Gertie thought Eliot was in trouble and she had to help him. I would of hated to see what would of happened to Charlie if Gertie had injured herself more and had to be put down right then...I believe the word RUN would of been yelled!
9/26/2019 c11 10HonestBee
ff . net won't let me copy and paste so I'll try my best to get this correct...that "chuck a bloody wobbly" & etc was just too perfect. I might not know the exact translation but I definitely get the meaning behind it!

I don't think I would have dared try dragging Eliot off the way these people did. Wow. Good thing Charlie's plan worked and I kind of expected Buster to end up being a hero here - he did not disappoint!

Hope you're feeling better!
8/25/2019 c10 7She-Elf23
Poor Gertie...making progress there for awhile but now back to the not-so-good normal. Really curious to see how this is all going to turn around...maybe Buster will do the trick to get the camel on her feet? And the rest better keep an eye on Eliot so he himself doesn’t regress worse than what he already is. Still loving this story! Thanks again for updating! I look forward to them every time!
8/20/2019 c10 10HonestBee
Eliot is correct, we do think he's a dumbass. Gertie, not so much.

I know she's gonna pull through, I know it...unless you've gone AU from your own series...you haven't, have you? I'm really hoping Buster is considering what I think he's considering!

And I gotta love when Auntie told Eliot he and his team were strong together. Listen up, boy!
8/6/2019 c9 1novisha.rivera.1
So glad to be back. All kinda hell broke loose here in El Paso. Jeep messed up by ex., work issues temp 100 degree F.
etc. First time in weeks been taking it easy since I was able to go back to work. Just glad to get a bit of Buster and Gertie in my system.
Thanks for all u write
8/4/2019 c9 7She-Elf23
Poor sweet Jo...I had respect for her before but even more so now. How hard that would be to live with. But I’m glad she’s investing in Eliot and giving her learned wisdom to him...here’s to hoping he’ll listen! He’s soooooo close! At least he’s cleared the air that the team didn’t abandon him. Making progress at least. And poor Gertie can’t catch a break. Effie needs to make her a big strawberry shortcake or something for when she finally gets better (thank goodness for stories that come later in the timeline so I don’t have to fret as much lol). Curious to see what happens next!
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