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15h c2 3Mara.Kag
or personally i don't think bakugou would have died maybe be severely injured because of his own quirk exploding at too close proximity an maybe causing sever collateral dmg. I don't mind i personally think the little shit is the worst hero hopeful of the gang...
21h c27 1izuru-kamakura
One question, why is basic karate grade A and boxing grade S? karate has many years since its inception and is much more polished than boxing or is that what I think or is it just because it is basic karate?
1/24 c43 Regreme
Enjoying this all the more. Well done so far.:D Though, what the kids are doing is technically illegal. But, emergency circumstances and all.
1/25 c23 1Dark White Fang
Do the two ki focus talent not limit broke the skills and add to the Ki rank like the Focus TK Aura talent did to the TK rank ? Sorry about all my questions, I have guess they are annoying but I really enjoy your version of the Gamer and I want to be sure I understand it.
1/25 c20 Dark White Fang
Didn't Sidestep limit broke Dodge ?
1/24 c43 Ziggrrauglurr
Short but sweet. I snorted at MCU Thanos, but didn't that movie be some 90yo? Way too old for a random Yakuza to remember it unless he was also a comic book nerd
1/24 c43 8Quathis
Good way to calm her down and stall for reinforcements. Major battle happening away from the main crackdown sites. Plenty of people around for the fight to get messy fast. Especially with Overhaul's methods of fighting. Until next time.
1/24 c43 xbox432
Look at those big bad yakuza boys about to get beaten up by high schoolers. They aren't going to have ANY street cred left after this beatdown.
1/24 c43 Biblio388
Oh man, I am looking forward to seeing how they all do in the Real World. Kind of curious to see how Chisaki does against their variety of powers.
1/24 c43 15Leaf Ranger
Alright! Time to see Overhaul get his ass beat down. Excellent.

Keep up the great work!
1/24 c43 8Cosmyk Angel
So cool. Glad Eri could be there for his little sis. Endeavor is going to throw such a tantrum when he realizes the main target isn't even there.

Cosmyk Angel
1/24 c43 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Ending make me laugh and say 'fuckin party bus' to myself.
1/24 c43 2delphinous
ok, i'm totally entertained by the idea of nejire being an insane driver. and while i'm really looking forwards to some of the other girls being added to the knighs, i'm not opposed to nejire possibly getting added tot hat list because she's such a fun character, although i really want hagakure to be dealt with soon. i love this story and am always looking forwards to more updates
1/24 c43 17Bardic Knowledge
"Like" the Knight Bus, Ami? Considering who it's carrying, it IS the Knight Bus.
1/24 c43 Nosbor
Thanks for the chapter.
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