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5/15 c46 AshBladeHentai
Great Chap, keep up the awesome work
5/9 c46 Festus Krex
Torino is such a terrible idea for an internship. You have gone out of your way to mention Izuku's psychological problems with guys and then you wanna throw him to a taskmaster so harsh that All Might has flashbacks to his demented training?

There is no way that ends well.
5/1 c46 1neogoki
Oda Immortality One Piece never ending...
a scary scenario, but I can see his work still going strong, because it is THAT good.
4/28 c18 1Killer-of-clay
Please stop adding crossover characters. Especially ones like Harley Quinn.
4/28 c16 Killer-of-clay
Okay, concrete is just manmade limestone. Yes, it is weaker than massive limestone that hasn’t weathered any or most igneous rocks, but it is structurally stronger than weather limestone, chert, sandstone, pumice, etc. I know rocks aren’t everyone’s thing, but some basic research should be done when you want to compare it to stuff.
4/27 c8 Abyss Mage
Sailor Moon! Ami was a pleasant surprise this chapter, especially since I forgot that you had specified this as having cross overs. Love the story so far. I'm hoping, privately, that this will be a harem fic. You write well enough to pull it off.
4/26 c1 Abyss Mage
Just found this and have to say I'm impressed with the quality of the writing. I've been casually searching for a well done mha/gamer fic on and off for some time. Imagine my surprise when I happened across this gem. And the plot twist at the end took me by surprise, excellent job.
4/23 c46 8Quathis
Fun look at their growth and bonds. The names were a bit different and those differences worked well. Looking forward to how the internships go with these shake ups. Including just what Mo decides for a Hero name. Until next time.
4/23 c29 2sorry.no-names
Hirokoshi actually published a sketch of what Hagakure actually looks like. it was a tweet. she's actually pretty cute
4/23 c45 pedrokotii
Savage Nezu aimed at Human Sewage. As it should be.
4/22 c1 juliavinegrace
I'm... I don't actually like Bakugou but I can't see bnha without bakugou so... I'm conflicted
4/22 c46 Vodos
That was a amazing pun I thank you for that.
4/21 c46 Ataex
All for One Piece!
This fic had a lot nice lines, but this one was the best.
Great chapter as always and I can’t wait for next one
4/21 c46 Martin-di-Arcov
truly a dastardly ploy by AFOP!
4/18 c46 Coppa-Cola
You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.
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