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5/17 c5 TheGreatYeetus
that's mandarin
5/16 c45 BlackStarMage
Nezu's a little scary
5/14 c56 Hebb6919
Great story read it all in about 4 days, got to ask about the bookeeper is she a crossover? Thanks
5/13 c56 15Leaf Ranger
Nice look into what everyone else is doing so far. Very nice so far. *Nods* Good work, and good chapter! keep it up!
5/13 c1 1LordZarcon
How is mount lady even in a video game if she hadn't even debuted yet?
5/12 c12 beta tester beater
That's batmans daughter
5/12 c12 beta tester beater
Oh no is this a harem of 14 olds? I'll keep reading but we'll have to see that's kind of weird though if it is
5/12 c3 beta tester beater
why is Deku lying he knows his mother is fat lmao
5/12 c1 beta tester beater
I always have a problem when he says he gets bullied and nobody does anything
5/12 c56 InfinityMask
Nice chapter. It’s hard to include so many people huh? There’s so many you need to add about them. Especially given you add more characters than canon(even if some canon characters is gone).
5/11 c56 9Dragon Man 180
So many characters to keep track of! How big is the chart you use to make sure you have everyone in the right place when writing?

Eri interacting with Inko and Nemuri is adorable, is it wrong I can picture her snuggling up to either one when she’s tired and making their hearts melt with a mumbled “Mama” ?

Mei at Waynetech… oh boy the toys she will make!

Does Misty have some Pokémon based support gear? I’d love to see Staryu or Starmie shaped throwing weapons for when she doesn’t have water to use.
5/10 c56 Regreme
Another great chapter, as usual.:D Quite the collection of training setups for all the groups.
5/11 c55 13yukicrewger2
just now realized you were using a Star Wars language for the goblins...
5/11 c56 Laplase
I hope you can focus more on the MC or have an arc just for improvements of his abilities and use of the the gamer to make a better build.
5/11 c56 NonlinearWriter
I like this update, admittedly it's more of wanting to see how Ami's internship goes due to her power boost from Gamer but the inclusion of Inasa and Fan girl( I forget if she's OC?) does seem like it'll be even more interesting than I originally expected. This version seems a little quieter than the Provisional license one, will be interesting to see why.

I'll admit a bit of amused horror when I saw Toymaster. I only recalled(in error) the original alias from the Superman cartoon . hopefully he and Mei together will not be as bad as that. Though presumably at Wayne he's monitored...

I'll admit seeing Itsuka here was surprising as I don't recall her showing up much in prior chapters so I guess it'll lead to something, somewhat like Aoyami's internship info has given us.

Thanks for the update, can't wait til the next one and hope you're staying safe.
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