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9/9 c46 Trialmasta
I loved the pun thank you
9/9 c1 Gamerthepokemon45
I went to reread this book sorry but the ending doesnt make sense since the only reason why the slime villain held Bakugo hostage was because of Izuku was holding on All might pants which in turn dropped the bottle and let the villain escape so really the whole situation wouldnt happen and Bakugo wouldn’t have died.
9/2 c62 Guest
8/31 c62 nephilim015
Its been awhile since the update im glad you manage a chapter, hopung for more and giid job its a good chapter lol shigiraki is been capture in the mall.
8/26 c28 2 Up
this was an utter disappointment. what's the point of izuku having THE GAMER if he's still no better then he was in Canon. not to mention that despite this being a "multicrossover" your words those same Canon event in this story have thus far remained entirely unchanged. I wish you the best of luck in you're future endeavours put I can't continue to read this fic without feeling frustrated at izuku's lack of progress.
8/24 c62 Guest
Fantastic way of doing the confrontation in the shopping centre! Great chapter!
8/23 c1 1Grand Regent Thragg
Friends? Ma dude what... Is hitler his penpal too?
8/20 c62 Reptil
Love this story just re binge read it agin after so long keep up the great work
8/19 c62 1Niera-kaichou
The fact that he grows so slowly is weird considering the Gamer System’s whole thing is accelerated growth. But that’s also his fault for not going unto dungeons more.
8/17 c61 2Der Perko
Just noticed the bank balance here, did I miss something or did izuku not claim the rewards for the surviving stain quest?
8/15 c22 ivanganev1992
izuku could train phisical Resistance
8/15 c7 ivanganev1992
Tsuy the Frig girl maybe getting Tought as nails is better for her body than extra sleep
8/15 c62 Kezi04
did I just miss it or did he just not get a perk for getting 50 charisma?
8/14 c62 6Zyber Elthone
You know, it's been a surprisingly long time since I've seen the 'hide something in the baked goods' scheme... Last I recall, it was in Men In Black 3. But it is right in Harley's playbook. I wonder if this version has as much of a love for cake and frosting...

I liked the organic method of getting at least someone alone that Shigi could capture, given the whole group thing would normally prevent that. Plus, at least some of the stuff they pulled off really could just be done via texts. Not as covertly, but still. Especially if Ochako still has a flip phone (I forget if this is a truth in this fic or if I'm recalling this tidbit from a different fic), I remember being able to blind text with one hand and that I wouldn't consider myself a skilled scribe in that manner. Ochako could probably send five different people a paragraph each just from memory of buttons and the like. Especially if she has speed dial and the like.

Also I'm surprised that this is the first time I can recall anyone just taping up each of Shigi's fingers instead of stuff like knocking him out. Fitting that it was Sero who got the tape, even if he didn't use his own.

And cute living room camping was a nice "end" for Izuku's day, if not for Nezu but that's fine.
8/14 c62 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Can't have expected it to keep, but I wonder if this will delay the camp attack.
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