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for Flames of the Void

11/22/2020 c2 2NinjaMasd
Please continue this! That is a big cliffhanger to just drop it.
11/13/2020 c1 1Maxiforce
rip this story
5/12/2020 c1 10Throwing the Shade
The fuck is up with all these reviews
3/5/2020 c2 AnoyingWaffle
Great so far, I love the idea and pairing. Just want to point out someone made 2 accounts just to tell you it sucks because he doesn't like the pairing. So expect more of that and ignore any hate.
12/29/2019 c2 ghostitan
Please update
10/27/2019 c2 5WBXtreme234
PLEASE update this I really wanna see Louiseā€™s reaction
6/13/2019 c2 2Vein Bloodborne
This story has a lot of potential, can't wait for the next chapter.
5/15/2019 c2 GundamDemon
Please post again soon
5/10/2019 c1 Wangchen Todoroki Dragneel
plz update~
5/1/2019 c2 Guest
Simply... Amazing, you must know how to write because this is simply so awesome! Please update!
Although you have but only 13 reviews you are telented. But also keep on being awesome
4/30/2019 c2 shiroryuu012
i think its okay though

keep up the good work
4/26/2019 c2 Guest
Ehh~ I really expected an explosion of fire/him setting himself on fire while demanding an explanation in front of everyone, going along meekly seems rather un-Natsu-ish.
4/13/2019 c2 Guest
Please make more of this.
4/12/2019 c2 xbox432
Now that I'm thinking of it, it'll be funny as hell when he sees Irukuku for the first time... I think they'd become good friends considering both their levels of maturity.
4/12/2019 c1 xbox432
Just need to point out that you have some issues with the "tense" of some of your words. The story is still interesting, but the typos are noticeable. I've put one example below:

never did he got the chance - never did he get the chance
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