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for Kid Icarus And The Metal Demonic

5/4/2019 c6 15CharlieCharly18
Hi, if you don't know it. My name is CharlieCharly18 and I'm was new the past year in November. Also I'm interested in the story with Ty and Kirby.
3/31/2019 c6 4ZygardeFusion
Noooo, not the 4th Wall breaks! JK, I still follow your stories, no matter the number of 4th walls destroyed! Can’t wait to see your next story!
3/29/2019 c6 Guest
Well that was awesome! So you think sonic will learn of his godly legacy so? Also I think ty and Kirby are the next team up on the list can wait for that. Later.
3/29/2019 c6 Guest
Gee, I WONDER who is gonna be in the next story? Anyways great job and love really does make people do crazy things
3/29/2019 c6 Owyn Ross
Alright, this foreshadows "The Dark Truth". Looks like the end of Season 4 draws near.

I'll see "The Dark Truth" on May.
3/28/2019 c5 Guest
Holy chaos! So chaos was part of the super Mario bros team of old!? So dose that mean Chaos is Sonics ancestor!? WOW! So that mean sonic is basically a GOD!
3/28/2019 c5 Owyn Ross
Looks like Medusa finally gets it, Sonic is a spitting image of his ancestor.
3/27/2019 c4 Owyn Ross
Oh boy. Guess Palutena should've realized that Metal Sonic was in the wreckage she teleported to Medusa's palace.
Also, the cloaked figure would talk to Palutena, asking her that he's planning to arrange a meeting with Mario and his whole team.
3/26/2019 c3 14FireFlamerx9z
Squid Barron, life just never works out for this guy
3/26/2019 c3 Owyn Ross
Looks like Squid Baron's among Tabuu's followers, since he's on better terms with Shantae.
Also, I think Eggman's in for a nasty surprise when he sees what modifications Medusa gave to Metal Sonic.
3/25/2019 c2 Owyn Ross
Oh boy. Palutena's in for a shock to find out that Metal Sonic was in the wreckage that she sent into the Underworld.
3/25/2019 c1 Owyn Ross
Ooh boy, I bet Medusa's even unhappier about Palutena using the Underworld as a garbage dump for flaming wreckage. That, and Pit and Sonic were lucky that Viridi's away while some of the Egg Carrier's wreckage came down on her personal garden, only for Sonic to clean it up personally in seconds.
3/25/2019 c2 102Phantom Fan 21
Okay, forgive my language for this Tiger, but it about FUCKING time! I been waiting for your new story for what feel like months! Still I can see you got some going here. So Sonic and Pit this time? Can't wait for more.
3/25/2019 c1 14FireFlamerx9z
It's not called the All-Seeing Eye for nothing Eggman!

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