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7h c1 HalfBlood Prince
The rewritten version is called "Konran" By: Shinmai

PD: Join me to comment on the other version so that the story continues, PLEASE ! , since Author-Sama has not yet come to include the beautiful Yubelluna. :C
2/16 c15 EVIL-SAGE
dont know what people are griping about. This was a fun and entertaining read, cool techniques and story line. Character interactions are funny to me.
This is a crack fic if im not wrong and should be taken as such.
11/5/2023 c10 Amargi'sNodachi
This story is a bit of a mess
8/23/2023 c3 Guest
It’s hilarious but how is Naruto so dumb being raised in such a high class family
7/11/2023 c7 Guest
So Naruto is weak? I am out this is garbage
4/13/2023 c15 1elkenn
huh, can't find the rewrite of this fic...
2/24/2023 c12 Golden Wind God
what a cliffhanger
2/24/2023 c10 Golden Wind God
sex with venelna yes do it
2/24/2023 c9 Golden Wind God
2/24/2023 c8 Golden Wind God
2/24/2023 c7 Golden Wind God
enton damn
2/24/2023 c6 Golden Wind God
grayfia is the best milf, girlfirend material, sub-dom,maid, damn i ove her
2/24/2023 c5 Golden Wind God
love akeno but rias is different
2/24/2023 c4 Golden Wind God
oh w chapter
2/24/2023 c3 Golden Wind God
i like this akeno
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