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for A Sophitz Fanfiction

8/29 c13 1Marella13
This was really good and I like the story a lot even though I don’t ship sophitz
7/28 c5 PreferNotToSay
Good job. Even with the formatting a bit off(its not that off) the story itself makes up for it. The pace is also really good. Also just the right amount of thoughts, speech, emotion, and romance. Great job!
7/28 c1 107awesome
3 good story
11/28/2021 c5 Guest
Great story, but maybe a little too much kissing?
11/2/2021 c1 kotlcislife
OMG! this id f- amazing keep up the good work
7/14/2021 c1 Luna
2/18/2021 c2 3linhsong22
Oh my god I love linh
1/19/2021 c4 Adie
I love ur writing. 10/10 fanfic. I hope your still doing stuff like this. I need this.
1/9/2021 c1 Lena
How I wish this was actually a part of the story! Sadly, I have read book 8's disappointing to fitzphie shippers like us, if u get what I mean ;-;
8/6/2020 c12 Sophitz 4ever
Awesome! ️ I think those say it all!
8/6/2020 c11 Sophitz 4ever
Honestly, that was too good for words!
8/6/2020 c10 Sophitz 4ever
AHHHHHHHHH! You did it again, I am literally hanging on to the edge of my seat! Wow, this is so great!
8/6/2020 c9 Sophitz 4ever
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This really just took a turn! I loved seeing the plot twist from Fitz's POV! Also, you are just as good at plot twists and cliffhangers as Shannon Messenger! Trust me, I mean that as a good thing. I can't wait to see what happens next!
8/6/2020 c8 Sophitz 4ever
Yes, I think that's how Exillium is spelled. Also, I feel like I'm reading the actual book! That is exactly how Shannon Messenger would end one of her books! Also, your writing is awesomely awesome!
8/6/2020 c7 Sophitz 4ever
Hey Grace! What a pretty name! In fact, it's my middle name! Anyway, I loved this chapter! Probably my favorite so far! Oh, and, my only "problem" if it is one, is that I don't remember anyone calling her Soph. But it's not even a problem for me, because I like it! It seems to... fit. Anyway, I can't wait to see more of your work!
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