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1/8 c1 Noneofit
"We are the Turian Hierarchy, protectors of galactic peace. We've come to aid you in your fight against the Covenant. Bring me to the leader of this fortress so we can plan our next move."

Man, if I were there and heard that I’d literally start crying tears of joy.
12/29/2020 c78 RandomReader
Chronus 1326
"Same with the process of creating Spartan II's - everyone seems to take issue with it...probably people who vote liberal too."
I'm pretty sure that most people have issues with the government abducting their children, regardless whom they vote for.
12/29/2020 c78 N0-FX Regalia
thank you for continuing to pour your creative energies into this epic story.
12/29/2020 c76 4Dark The Bunny
the Armigers remind me of how pilots from the Titanfall games fight; constantly on the move and basically bringing hell on their enemy.
12/25/2020 c78 The Emperor
Merry Christmas you filthy heretic, and a happy new year too.
12/25/2020 c78 Antaros
I come for the battles (because ships go pew pew makes me happy), but the interplay between personalities and species is fantastic! You’ve really nailed down the various players personalities and it reflects in good dialogue. As much as I want to get back to the action, the interludes are proving to be just as interesting!

Thanks a lot for the update! I’m always excited when I get a notification email for this story.
12/24/2020 c78 Blaze1992
I really hope someone one off's that crazy b***h soon.
12/23/2020 c78 thetyrant67
Xytan is truly satanic. Heh.

Anyhow, thanks for updating. I was afraid that you abandoned the story. From what I gleaned on Spacebattles, you seem to be having a problem with people who want this story to turn into the usual Halo big dick fapfic.
12/23/2020 c77 thetyrant67
Poor Hood, gobbled up by such a fierce, calculating alien woman.
12/23/2020 c78 1Blaze501st
Man. I still can't believe that you had half the Spartans Killed or crippled. any chance of them being healed and returned to active duty? also. I REALLY like the Turians in this story, but they better get off their high horse. same with the Salarians and Asari. this is probably one of the better ME/Halo Crossovers. was wondering if you wanted any OC's for anything or if you need an idea for a custom ship blending the Covenant, Citadel races and UNSC Tech together.
12/23/2020 c78 Guest
When will you introduce the forerunners and humanity's history and Inheritance. I'm sure the council races will flip
12/23/2020 c78 3The Prime Cronos
Thank you For this awesome Update right before Christmas.
I really Like how far reaching the motivation and actions Go of Parangovsky.
So did I notice this correctly that WE come closer to Findung a Halo?
Btw IT would bei interesting to See If Spartan 117 added a Line in the morality briefings For Spartan education:
AS the mightiest soldiers of humanity IT IS Out duty to defend IT against any Power forgine or domastic. Whoch would incloud a System to overthrow the current government If they saw a degredation of morals or a consolidation of Power. So If Parangovsky hieß too far their would be an established Spartan protocol to Deal with her.
12/22/2020 c78 Guest
Great Chapter.
12/22/2020 c78 Look2020
Good Chapter!
12/22/2020 c78 Guest
Happy we got another chapter keep up the good work.
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