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6/25 c85 Angery Katte
There gonna be any communication on this? Got your fans of this story worried.
6/11 c3 3Zandaino-Nova-Ari
I find it funny that the Citadel automatically labels any race that doesn’t use Eezo as lesser than them
6/6 c86 Guest
It's been an entire year since this story was updated. I hope it's not on an indefinite hiatus.
5/29 c24 9AraelDranoth
I freaking loved that Johnson/Asari interaction. Keep up the brilliant work!
5/26 c6 AraelDranoth
The thoughts of the shipmaster were interesting. I wonder how the Council races would react to attempted Covenant conversion. Perhaps some races like the Batarians and the Hanar might take it to it a bit better.
5/26 c2 AraelDranoth
A good, solid space battle. I enjoyed it thoroughly especially as you made it so that both sides were even with their own strengths and weaknesses. An honest appraisal of how the two universe's tech might interact with each other. Keep up the good work!
5/26 c1 AraelDranoth
Excellent start. A little easily accepting of help from an alien race but I suppose from the soldier's point of view they can't be too choosy. The writing was, overall, very good and I enjoyed it. Now then, on to the next chapter!
5/19 c86 ADeter
Jesus goddamn fuck shit jesus... I love it thus far but man its more fucked up than a football bat
4/28 c1 Guest
My favorite halo mass effect story of all time, keep up the good work, can't wait for you to return to this story.
4/18 c86 6Knight of Tara
It took me a while to get through this story and I loved every minute of it. The last several chapters in particular are a hell of a wild ride.

I really hope you decide to pick this story up again sooner rather than later. It is very well written and deserves every chance to be finished.
4/7 c86 TripleZeroca
wow I'm just finishing your story and great job. I've really enjoyed it and really hope you keep writing it and finish it. again thank you for sharing it... please keep going
3/12 c86 Angery Katte
Is this dead?
2/23 c24 Guestinator
One of the marines yelled "We are being reinforced by fucking space wizard!"

"Like the good Lord intended!" Sergeant Jenkins replied.

Okay.. That line had me fucking dying for a minute. Well done author and thanks for the laughs.
2/6 c26 naotw
With all the dozens of citadel ships you emphasised destroyed and heavy frigate and dreadnought losses, in their battle with the covenant fleet, then dozens more lost in the surprise orbital attack, how would you justify Karandis' fleet still having over 900 ships? This is a logical fallacy imo.

The fleet went up against a CAS carrier, 3 CCS battlecruisers, 4 SDV destroyers and 12 CRS light cruisers.
Where you noted than the salarians lost at least 3 dozen ships and asari at least 17. Dozens of more ships also sustained extensive damage. That is already at least 53 ships lost from just asari and salarians.
Then you wrote that Karandis 'grit his teeth' over such losses, suggesting even further fleet casualties.

They then lost at least 2 dozen cruisers in the surprise orbital attack and enough frigate casualties to force them to immediately withdraw and regroup first rather than counter attack against the guns. Total destroyed ships so far rank up to at least 77 ships; without frigate losses in the orbital response, turian casualties in the fleet battle or numbers of disabled, inoperable or heavily damaged ships.
None of this lines up with having over 900 ships left AT ALL.

In ME, ship based mass accelerators(main and secondaries) have ton to kiloton yield ranges without free fall acceleration.
Anyone within 1 to near 40 km(extrapolated from WW2 nucs and US kinetic impactor tests in the 80's) depending on kiloton level, of any orbital bombardment site would be dead. All forces needed to bunker down, especially Avery Johnson's group and the asari commandoes. You countered this without a logical precedent.
Kinetic impactors are also NOT known for the precision implied, during orbital bombardment. At significant enough mass, they create craters and wipe out everything for miles. Karandis cannot be accurate to the distances you noted.
ME projectiles also need to weigh tons, not kgs, to survive the friction of atmospheric entry or have a heavily thick ablative surface. None of this was noted implying they used standard ship munitions which weigh dozens of kilograms (dreadnought main guns) or less and would hence burn up into plasma, without ground impact.
For some who may argue for mass effect fields, they are only active once an electric current actively runs through eezo. In other words, once a round leaves the barrel, the Mass Effect field it had diminishes. Examples;

Disruptor torpedo operation.
Kinetic barriers.
ME ftl drives.

This concludes that UNSC assets are better suited for the job, having heavier projectile masses, made at least in part from tungsten, for all their ship-based cannons and turrets.(stationary targets- shield domes, dialable MAC yields- less power to avoid heavy ecological damage)

The balancing problem of waving between extremes is having an effect here imo. (Ship loses and impactors)
The more the fallacies, the less supported the story is by official lore and previous actions in it leading it to also be misleading in subsequent events.
2/5 c24 naotw
Good chapter. It's very well balanced.
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