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for Naruto the Master of Summons

9/24 c14 31Adventreader221
seems the appitite is an inherited thing... Saber you monster
9/24 c14 Adventreader221
seems the appitite is an inherited thing... Saber you monster
9/10 c94 Md Alf
With this chapter mentioning GIlgamesh, I can't help but wonder what would a version of fic with Gilgamesh as the father be like?
9/7 c94 Guest
I cuando continuará la historia
Can you please tell me Naruto Uzumaki's full harem?
7/18 c1 thedankestyeet
glad I saw the reviews/comments. if others are going to have servants aswell then meh. not interested. fuck special abilities that only our mc has, right? sigh
6/15 c6 Guest
Naruto would do better with rias, sona is too cold and logical without an emotional connection and naruto wouldn't thrive in that environment. Also rias would lack the pieces as Issey took all her pawns, and as an Uzumaki with insane life-force and magic the price of naruto should at least be equal to Issey if not more as Issei is a regular human with a longinus
5/18 c34 3Just4fun23000
Nah, the premise of this story was damn good, and hats off to you for actually finishing this, but the story is just not for me, which is a real shame.

I love the idea behind Naruto being able to summon servants, but everything else just isn't my cup of tea.

I'm going to have to be honest, the whole originin story of Naruto is disgusting. There's just no way around it. Next, the thing about Kushina being a Porn Star, now that reminds me too much of the fanfics that have the MC's mom be a prostitude, and yea, again not my cup of tea.

Next, Artoria being Naruto's father, c'mon bro, you wasted to opportunity to have a Mordred/Artoria/Nero/Naruto pairing. Giving a character the ability to summon Fate servants and not giving them a triple Baber pairing is just a goddamn crime.

The next thing is Naruto's focus on loli's, nope. Highschool DxD without Rias in the main pairing is really not worth reading. There is only one true waifu in DxD and she has red hair.

That's the next thing that I dislike about this story, Naruto's dislike for Devils and Rias in particular. Its your story, and I respect your descisions, but from the perspective of a Rias fanboy, fuck you!

But that overall sums it up. The story started interesting, and I can respect you for trying to bring in new ideas into a chewed out fandom, but those ideas just don't tickle my fancy. In some ways I am of the opinion that some cliches are really fucking good, and changing them makes a story worse for it.
5/17 c94 Guest
4/17 c45 YokoMisaki
I love how you use this chance to give Riser character growth even if his motivation is somewhat... wanting...
4/16 c14 YokoMisaki
Are you sure this is not Iskandar's son? or the Uzumaki his descendants?
3/27 c48 nucci95
this was going well til now
3/20 c70 imx1112
well good idea with the summon stuff but im glad i skipped here to see it will only be small/ loli girls so im out
2/22 c94 INDRA
Pues fue bueno el fic aúnq ya no hay más pero ya me confundí en todo loq pasa en éste
2/16 c47 1elkenn
Soo servants are not exclusive to naruto anymore?
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