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for Naruto the Master of Summons

36m c37 tokusei04
Your method of sharing a story is amazing. You are one of the best authors I've ever seen work from and I appreciate the efforts you put into your art. That said, you have a few typos but nothing too glaring. I'd be honored to beta read for you, though I do have to admit I've never done so officially, it's just something I take notice of.
4/28 c8 Guest
If azzazel wanted to introduce him fast to the supernatural maybe do it immediately? Whats the point of leaving him alone with a berserk servant?
4/22 c94 1Can't choose a Username
Love the story. Its so good. Hope next chapter will be out soon
3/26 c45 Panda.k1ng
Aiit... He’s reeeeaaaaally starting to sound like Gilgamesh
3/25 c21 Panda.k1ng
Ahhh fuckkkkkkk
3/25 c19 Panda.k1ng
Kung fu Panda reference!
3/21 c94 Epicweaver
fun read. interesting to see how many routes you have planned hopefully you can avoid repetition but keep good new reactions and dialogues to your own AU points. thanks for sharing.
3/21 c70 Epicweaver
not entirely true about the divergence, we readers know that while this arc has changed the underlying drivers for other arcs are still in place as far as we know. Diodora and Asia. Young Devil Games. Khaos Brigade. Kyoto Arc. Loki. White vs Red.. Its definitely different and I highly enjoy the fic but the things I listed are still somewhat on the horizon for us readers until we get some scenes to AU it further. thanks for writing and for reading my silly review.
3/21 c89 Eimillian
Sona, gaming store, berserker, kokabiel, spare is my opinion, but I appear to be late
3/16 c94 6saiyan prince1
Thank u for another chapter. Big difference when he not forced to do things
3/12 c94 youngdrgn
Thx for the chapter, I really enjoyed reading it!
3/12 c94 Thanatos 2018
Yes a promise such as that does seem hard when plotting global domination.
3/12 c94 fallendemon248
Their literally having this conversation and merlins just shitting himself behind a pile of treasure lol
3/12 c94 13fg7dragon
Yeah, you lost me. He could have done any number of things with those treasures, but instead he just destroyed them like a child that got bored of a toy?
3/12 c94 1EarlSilver
He is as a king should be. Love it wasn't Moar of all of it
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