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for My Worries Melted In Your Smile

6/22/2020 c1 Joe Katherine Knight
Can you write more stories with Cyrus in them? He's my absolute favorite character in the game, and I love how you've branched a bit further into the depth of his character. I'd love to see some stories about him and the young wizard to. Just some suggestions.
3/28/2019 c1 Tobi is a Gooder Boy
Ahh, Mac & cheese. You sunofabitch - I’m not supposed to eat the last cookie, but it’s so tempting...

I suppose since W101 was intended more of a kid game, though any high leveled and skilled player are olderish and can buy their own memberships or crowns, so they just avoided the emotional stuff for the kids. But most kids probably couldn’t get past the three streets, unless you did what I did. I earned crowns and triviaed my way into Marleybone and Mount Olympus (I did EVERY side quest and got to level 40 with full Zeus gear before the game even mentioned Meowiarty)though now I got a job I finally hit the max level mark. My ocd is still triggered that they moved Olivia DawnWillow to stand on the opposite side of the walk path in Unicorn Way.

Ignoring my rambling, Malistaire and Cyrus’s interaction was cute, though I’m not really sure how they made Mac ‘n Cheese in Dragonspyre...or Avernus - whatever you call it.

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