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12/26/2021 c7 Guest
I have never been so invested in a fic, like I am so fricken stuck between wanting Izuku to destroy everyone quirkless, and wanting him to equally destroy everyone with One for all. Nonetheless is All might's quirk public info or private, because we know that it's likely that the ad bumpers are Izuku's notes on people in the show, but what does he actually have on All Might? Since obviously, he's a big fan of him, did he purposely name himself after it? I seriously hope he doesn't get into too much trouble for all the crap this poor therapy-needing boy did.
3/2/2021 c7 Chai Chandler
Amazing! i really like this story! :D hope this is still Ongoing!
it has pretty good writing on most parts,and how the Bakugo act,and not treating him-
uh-too stupid(?),i really like bakugo in this story! :D
2/21/2021 c7 Yutzeka
I reeeally love this story of yours! It's so interesting to see how midoriya's broadcasted vigilante work mentally affects him. And don't worry, the chapter was very good despite your dissatisfaction 33
11/10/2020 c7 KageForce
Yooo, pls keep this up. Really great story, hope you finish it!
8/3/2020 c7 2Zair-Worst
Amazing story and it’s very unique
8/3/2020 c7 Bakeku67
Plz b ok!
8/3/2020 c3 Bakeku67
*I must be the very best, like no one ever was.
To catch villains is my real test, to try them is my cause.
I have traveled across the land, searching for villains. And every time i tie them down, my followers take vote!
I am the voice of everyone, who can't speak for themselves.
They will chose my path, through the world that i've made my own.*
... it sucks, i know. but i couldn't not! ;P :D
7/31/2020 c7 4Demon-night24
Para mi es mas q suficiente XD me encanta,me muero x ver como sale de esta (espero q salga ) también es muy interesante la reacción de kaachan ósea el también debe haberlo seguido x Internet y mirar este desastre debe causarle algo (solo digo que quizás ahora le tenga un poquito mas de respeto) no me imagino como la vas a seguir pero voy a esperar ansiosa al siguiente cap (shigaraki también lo sigue XD me pregunto que piensa de izuku :D lo reconoció y todo ) es un fic muy interesante
7/25/2020 c1 NazgulBelserion
It's good then you ruined by making izuku a little bitch god I was excited badass cool izuku then you ruined it with crying and shit
6/19/2020 c7 shirsong
Really don't know how you don't have much more reviews.
It's REALLY good.
5/31/2020 c7 Anonymousness
THE CLIFFHANGER OMG! I think I'm gonna need an update soon before I spontaneously combust from the anxiety the end of this chaper gave me. Great work 10/10
5/2/2020 c2 LegendaryMob
" It was dangerous broadcasting his every strength and weakness but One for All chose to do it anyway, regardless of the danger. He had promised to be truthful with his followers and not hide a single of his actions in mask from him. He intended to keep that promise, regardless of the risk it brought."

In a world where villains and super villains is almost everywhere calling his action dangerous is an understatement. What's his doing is pretty much suicidal. He could escape with this shit cause all he targets are small fries but if he targets some big fish then i really doubt he'll survive unless he gets plot armor and deus ex
4/27/2020 c4 Pyrologicas
Why is thiss under the "Humor" genre? This story has been dark af so far.
4/26/2020 c4 3YugiAmaneLOVE27
Midoriya, my boy,
Fight-o, fight-o, don't belittle yourself. You're amazing~~

Lovely as always, thanks for the chap
4/26/2020 c3 YugiAmaneLOVE27
You're story is so cool and your writing style is absolutely fantastique
I'm really enjoying the story so far
I'm looking forward to knowing what happens next Good Job
Ohhhh, this is AMAZING~~
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