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for I am Hope Mikaelson?

9/25 c22 Guest
Please update ️
9/24 c22 india-guest
Love it
9/21 c22 hahahopelove
fuck Mikael
9/21 c22 HuangBaiLian
Please update again soon >_<
9/20 c22 1Ms. Lady Muffin
Why do I have the feeling Mikael will eventually fall in love with Hope? Like he’ll still hate Klaus, but he’ll have a soft spot for the little tribrid that charmed him
9/20 c22 Guesty
Ahahah the last part had me choking
9/20 c22 3Nameless Angel 00
Pft piggy back from Mikael?
9/20 c22 DullReign82
The grumpy grandpa line had me chuckling up.
9/20 c22 silentmayhem
I actually got the image of the movie maleficient in this last part between hope and mikael, him calling her beastly yet winding up liking her .
I can see freya leaving him with hope and him being grumpy only to begrudgingly start caring for her.
8/17 c21 gabriellesantos2404
continue pleasee.
7/27 c21 Mushishixxxholic
Love it
7/25 c21 PrincessMagic

7/22 c21 india-guest
Love it
7/19 c21 Guest
7/18 c21 shastahale62
Fantastic chapter, can't wait for more
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