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for Deception

12/16/2020 c23 2Grovz2014
love love love this
9/14/2020 c23 tori
i love the book
9/14/2020 c8 tori
kinky i like
9/13/2020 c23 14Cissa-Lycoris-Black
This is really awesome! I do hope you update again soon! The interactions between Bellatrix and Hermione are getting good and the Black Sisters with Hermione is really great too! Looking forward to the next chapter!
8/28/2020 c23 Arial Wolf
Totally fricking awesome bloody brilliant thank you for this amazing tale of awesomeness thanks
8/22/2020 c23 1Magic2488
Honestly I love this. I can't wait to read more!
4/16/2020 c10 JenDamn
Well it's nice to see Hermione telling Harry how it really is. It was nice what Ginny started with, but adding in the, we can't win without you, bit, makes her motives suspect. I generally tend to have a lot of respect for Minerva, but apparently she's just like the rest.
2/2/2020 c23 jackyfloresq2001
can't wait for the next chapter in this story
1/16/2020 c23 1ladyaxiii
this chapter seem to have erased the previous one by accident are you going to repost it?
other than that I love where this story is going I just get sucked right in.
1/14/2020 c23 DarthXenite
Omg, need to know more!
1/2/2020 c8 andrewpine
I think I will pass on this story,it is starting to get too weird for me.
1/2/2020 c4 andrewpine
I see Ronald did as I suspected,acted like an asshole.
So where was Harry ? I thought those two were right as ticks?
1/2/2020 c3 andrewpine
It's Hermione Jean Granger.
Are all pure-blood families into incest or is it just the Black family?
Narcissa does not seem to upset her husband is in Azkaban.
I am curious if she will be bedding her mother or just her aunt later in the story.
Curious to see what happens when she goes back to school.
I would imagine Ronald will lose his shot when he finds out who she really is.
What kind of conversation will she be having with Dumbledore I wonder?
12/21/2019 c23 Guest
this is the best fanfic i’ve ever read the pairings great and storyline is well written. Please finish writing it!
12/5/2019 c23 sherry24
Uooo liada! Sirius es un bocazas pero no lo hace con mala leche. Harry super comprensivo! Ron en su línia. Esperando nuevo cap. Me encanta
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