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for The Butterfly Effect

1/2/2021 c1 AE-Kurisu
This is a really cute start to the story, and with such a rare pairing to see too! Shiori definitely gave me the same vibe as Shino, so that's a win. Love the descriptions you used too! You could feel the pure joy on Naruto's face once Shiori said she wanted to play again! I do hope you continue this story when you have the chance!
5/15/2019 c1 5cg037
A great start, keep up the good work.
4/2/2019 c1 Yami-daseith
I like it this pairing is hard to find and if you can find one it’s usually incomplete so I hope you keep it up, though you did leave a lot of details out of this chapter it sound like Naruto is still a kid like 9-10 but you really didn’t specify and I though thinking you were starting we’re canon started.
3/29/2019 c1 Dobbyhasnomastr
I’ve never read a femshino fic before but this seems pretty cute
3/28/2019 c1 3Ferm
Aww cute! I've never seen a Naruto shino story
efore. I wonder why. Interesting idea :)

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