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10/10/2020 c15 11metacllica
Not bad. This was a pretty good read.
10/3/2020 c1 Rdr
Hey, this was a pretty fun read! Hope to see more!
9/5/2020 c15 28Son of Whitebeard
nice seeing father happy
9/5/2020 c14 Son of Whitebeard
ooh soda
9/5/2020 c13 Son of Whitebeard
FATHER is raging
6/16/2020 c15 Kitcatgirl
This was amazing way to end the story. I hope you make more stories like this.
6/16/2020 c15 Kitcatgirl
This wraps everything up and leaves room for more. Amazing story.
6/16/2020 c15 37Tziput13
I guessed that in the end there was something going on with the GKND as soon as I read there was a message from the Consultant and, in fact, there was. That leaves a lot of space for what may happen later, but even if it's open ended I think that this epilogue does a good job at wrapping things up, if anything by bringing an end to Father's character arc and ultimately showing that even in the face of failure the villain side this time still struck a crippling blow at the Kids Next Door on Earth. I really liked his dynamic here between the Consultant and the Delightful Children.

Thanks for keeping this one updated and finishing it, it was a good read.
6/12/2020 c14 Kitcatgirl
This is beautiful and I love the route of this story but what happen to the consultant and his son?
6/5/2020 c1 Kitcatgirl
Ooooooommmmggggggg I really want to see what happens and I have hunch on the consult son. I do kinda wanna see the villains win though.
6/4/2020 c12 Tziput13
I've been waiting patiently for the last few chapters and with this one I can already tell the end is going to be worth it. I really like the action sections and how the whole plain from the 'villain side' seems to be coming together.

Looking forward to the rest!
6/2/2020 c12 28Son of Whitebeard
what a shock seeing father here
6/2/2020 c11 Son of Whitebeard
ooh here comes the attack
6/2/2020 c10 Son of Whitebeard
what a deep backstory
6/2/2020 c9 Son of Whitebeard
oh what a tactical plan with the big players of KND'S enemies
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