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for Gone Rogue 2: Second Shadow

10/26 c23 3QuantumPE
Alright, which mob is Raulyn going to catch feelings for?
10/25 c23 AcumenDarious
And just when I thought that the previous cliffhanger was bad you just did another much worse one...
I can't wait to read the next series.
9/7 c19 AcumenDarious
Getting pretty good so far. This kinda remind me of the Trials of The Sanctuary from Re:Zero.
8/18 c16 NovaOrAvon
Oh damn didn't expect you to come back. Also hello Bargain Sale Entity303.
8/18 c16 AcumenDarious
Well well well look who's back from the withered grasp of time.
11/30/2019 c12 AcumenDarious
Hmm, it appears you reference Changing Destiny in the author's note. Changing Destiny's normal spider character is also called Ari. I smell name laziness XD
10/30/2019 c3 AcumenDarious
Oh boy, my analytical mindset is in overdrive after Cassandra's little rant.

Cassy appears to be forgetting that if Jack was ever to betray them the chase would be the best time to do so tactically speaking. He had knowledge of the Mob's location and Destination to a forgotten Stronghold which would make the greatest fortress against mobs ever. He would've had the appropriate reinforcements and knowledge of the mob's abilities to counter. He would've been able to kill Yaebi without anyone knowing and then run to the mob's position and stab the most dangerous member: Andr in the back without anyone suspecting it until it was too late. If he was to succeed he'd be feared among mobs and revered among Humans for his clever tactics and would likely gain a lot after such a large victory over a large group of mobs and an additional bastion for humanity. He had everything to gain and almost nothing to lose but he chose to side with the Mobs because it was the right thing to do.

Since she ignored these facts it's entirely obvious that she's merely venting her frustration of an entire species that has ruined her life, the lives of her family and friends on an obvious representative who was not a sympathizer for as long as Mystia the witch. Combine the fact he does not appear to lash out much and is keeping secrets from them only cements the fact that he's an easy target. She let her anger of an entire race blind her from the facts, but given the severity of humanity's crusade against the Mobs it's entirely understandable.
10/15/2019 c15 ClassEthan
Keep up the excellent work man.
10/8/2019 c14 ClassEthan
Good story as always keep the good up the good work.
10/6/2019 c14 NovaOrAvon
I understand and will have to wait to see if I'm right or wrong. However, I may have mistakenly implied that there are Nether versions of villagers. I meant that since the two variants of skeletons have a respective Mob Talker model and character that the Villagers would be the same. The multiple variants of Villagers in Minecraft have their respective variants depicted in the Mob Talker mod. I think this means there are more versions of Christine since they have them in the game and Mob Talker. Basically a massive family of doppelgangers with different jobs. However, since the Village and Pillage update the Villagers have changed and do not have any Mob Talker models since they're based off the old Villagers. So I could be wrong there.
10/5/2019 c5 NovaOrAvon
After reading this chapter again I realized that Raulyn was not talking about Jack when discussing the Mob that can disguise itself as a human. Raulyn would have little reason to lie about not meeting this Mob, he'd incite more anger from saying that Jack is a traitor. It's the Priestess Christine. She conveniently found a known Mob Sympathizer after also eavesdropping on the leader of the organization that is attempting to find her, obviously spying on their conversation to stay one step ahead of them. She's also a perfect candidate for the Mob in the shadows due to her status as a religious figure therefore not a suspicious individual and the fact she admits to the fact that more Mob Sympathizers exist. This implies she knows them personally or impersonally. Sounds like a Rebel leader to me. Not to mention the fact that the Minecraft Villager is a Mob, non hostile and the most Human-like of them all. I'm able to see that Villagers have a better chance of blending in than a Zombie or Spider. She's also a character model in the Mob Talker Mod which is the basis to all the Mob characters seen so far, so it makes sense that she's an important Mob character due to being in the Mod. This also means that there are more of em, and since they all look so similar to each other it's not hard to see them having knowledge of their existence and status of a Mob, she admits this when she implies the existence of more sympathizers during their conversation. Since the Nether versions of the Overworld equivalent Mobs exist (IE Athena and Minerva who are different incantations of essentially the same goddess, Greek and Roman) it's not difficult to realize that the equivalent Villager variants will also exist due to their existence in the Mod that this fanfic is based off of.

She also has knowledge of the Nether Portal despite Jack implying that it is a well known rumor rather than accepted fact. Well known rumors are rumors because they're unconfirmed or denied of their existence by a large amount of people, and she so happens to know its exact location.

I surprise myself that this line of thought only took two minutes in my head but took several to type.
9/30/2019 c13 NovaOrAvon
Oh damn, it's getting interesting now! Also, yeah I live on the west coast of Canada so the time zones are very different.
9/22/2019 c12 NovaOrAvon
Oh and on a side note you have the perfect chance to call the next chapter "United We Rise" or "United We Stand". I think the saying goes: "United we stand, divided we fall" or something.
9/22/2019 c12 NovaOrAvon
Don't we just love being up at 3:52 AM due to sleeping early and waking up in the middle of the night and then look through Favorite Fanfics to sarcastically see if one updated only to find one that did (This one) that apparently updated REALLY early in the morning and then you make an overly detailed comment on said fanfiction? I'm too tired to give proper criticism and praise so good chapter so far. I'm going to sleep now...
9/19/2019 c11 NovaOrAvon
Actually I read this series specifically since April of 2018 sorry time flies fast and I forget the exact dates for things sometimes.
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