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11/7/2021 c1 Guest
/This/ is annoying.
12/27/2020 c20 TempWolf
What a wonderful job you did here ! It’s by far the best story I’ve read about this show ! Thank you for sharing it with us. This was a very nice bubble out of time,
I hope you’ll keep updating part 2.
2/29/2020 c20 Ayan Ahmed
Come on where is the part 2...
2/16/2020 c20 1Verge of Chaos
Fantastic plot.

Putting that twisted edge on Dan's issues with Lucifer's involvement in Chloe and Trixie's lives was so authentic, something a show such as Criminal Minds might do. His unconcerned reaction to the fire then paired with his direct accusation against Lucifer and Maze was a brilliant combination of obvious but subtle that either one doesn't much mind or maintains a level of questioning.
I suspected him but vaguely in the back of my mind.

Then, of course, domestic Deckerstar was super cute.

I felt however that some of the build-ups fell short.

- Dan should have put more of an effort into manipulating Chloe's living situation in his favor, to create himself as either the best or only option.

I.e Playing the Kinley role in a sense, focusing more thoroughly on convincing Chloe that Lucifer is dangerous and/or that his lifestyle is indirectly the cause of the fire by creating evidence against him. He should know that Chloe is evidence-driven to the extent that she believes what's on the most obvious display a bit too easily.

One approach would have been to elaborate more on the delusional cop angle; a few generated texts showing Lucifer promising to call the cop and doctored photos of them interacting at Lux and he might have had her depending on whether or not she'd have held Lucifer responsible for the fire on a technicality. Which is difficult to say.

- I was proud of Lucifer for instigating the devil reveal of his own conviction but felt it was still quite withholding because he only showed her the eyes, not the whole face. I don't understand that. Particularly once it's contrasted with the much larger scale wing reveal which I'm gonna circle back to, it significantly focused her attention on one side of the coin. Her narration when she was put into the room where she watched the feed of Lucifer and Maze's torture of a suspect, even points out how surreal the thought of his being a torturer was to her and this is the reason.
Essentially he manipulated his evidence to show her only what he needed her to see, just enough for her to believe he is what he claims which was not fair and in the omission sense, was dishonest.

- There was more about that scene where Chloe watched Lucifer as a torturer that bothered me.
We see Lucifer's actions upset her but the audience has no idea what those actions are, what she was seeing as there is no description. Then in the next paragraph, Lucifer's narration points out that the suspect didn't suffer much damage. Again my mind was shouting "WHAT FREAKING HAPPENED?!" Did he even use his devil face? Is that what Chloe reacted to?
Ergo I was left more confused than heartbroken when she decided she had to leave the room.

I didn't understand where she got the paper and pen to scribble the note but that's unimportant. Regardless, "Stupid, Stupid Chloe" summed up that note perfectly. She should have just left and then texted him a few minutes later when she could carefully consider her wording! Ahem, but I digress.

I got a bit of the same feeling from incident with the delusional cop, the jump between when she fired the shots at the end of the chapter and the beginning of the proceeding chapter in which Lucifer is being treated for an injured arm and Chloe is unharmed. That was too much of a jump, I didn't understand what had happened.

- The wing reveal. I loved it. It made sense and the resulting text conversation with Amenadiel was brilliant but the absence of any follow-through made it feel a bit random and unnecessary.

Overall, really great job though. I opened up the sequel in another tab the second I finished, before even beginning to compose this review.
2/10/2020 c20 Ayan ahmed
Where is part 2
12/17/2019 c20 9Natters
Ooh, love it. Heart wrenching ending
11/30/2019 c20 Guest
AWESOME! 3 3 3
11/15/2019 c20 Renzo7
Amazing story! It's been a roller-coaster and I've loved the fluff, the tension, the plot... It's simply outstanding!

Thank you for sharing this with us.
11/10/2019 c20 8gameoff
Thank goodness there is a part two. Thank you for writing and sharing this, I truly enjoyed it. It was well-written and believable for their characters.
11/10/2019 c19 gameoff
I thought it might be Dan, but I really hoped it wasn't. And if course Lucifer took Chloe leaving as she hates him.

Every time you mention him with a predatory look I know just what you mean. Tom Ellis pulls off that face so well, he literally looks like a feral animal (IMO).

I'm sad this fic is coming to an end so I'm happy I have the next o e to read.
11/9/2019 c12 gameoff
I really like Linda's and Lucifer's friendship, both in this chapter and on the show. Even as his therapist she cares about him as a friend.
11/9/2019 c10 gameoff
Thank Lucifer's father! She knows and didn't freak out (at least not yet) and she gave in and kissed him. Their scene in bed was both sweet and tantalizing.
11/9/2019 c8 gameoff
I like the way Lucifer is doing (and apparently has been for the last few weeks) thoughtful things for Chloe. I want her to give in and kiss him again. I'm not sure if it was intentional, but I did grin at the "corners like it's on rails" bit. That made me think of Pretty Woman.
11/9/2019 c5 gameoff
Still really enjoying their relationship evolving.
11/8/2019 c4 gameoff
I like the slow pace this fic is taking with their relationship.
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