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11/8/2019 c3 8gameoff
I love how they are opening up to each other. I'm glad I found this story after it was complete, that way the next chapter is already up. Plus, I saw there is a sequel!
11/8/2019 c2 gameoff
Yay, glad that Chloe decided to stay in his room.
11/8/2019 c1 gameoff
I really enjoying this so far. Loved the scene where Chloe asked Lucifer about touching him.
9/28/2019 c20 siobhan.22
Great story
9/11/2019 c9 1hellixe
Hmm hmm
9/11/2019 c7 hellixe
7/25/2019 c20 Patougv
Ending this story with such a cliffhanger? Bad, bad Pakmai! And poor Dan, making him such a horrible guyeven if he was such a jerk in season 4 because of his pain). So, now, I will have to read the sequel...I stop kidding...Your story is pretty good, I loved it. Thanks for it.
7/18/2019 c7 Guest
Ok before I continue to the other chapters, my bet is on detective douche
7/16/2019 c20 1BlueTigress
amazing story! I loved every letter of it
7/14/2019 c20 20Casey525
No No No.. that was just sad.. oh my gods.. so sad.. I hope Luci gets a happy ending darn it. Love the story though, you did an amazing job
7/14/2019 c19 Casey525
Oh Luci, it's not what you think! Well I hope it isn't. I'd love him all the more for protecting me, if it was me lol..
7/14/2019 c18 Casey525
Oh boy! I can't wait to read more
7/14/2019 c17 Casey525
Love the whole thing with his wings and Chloe, Oh is he going to remember what he said to her in his sleep? Or said in his sleep in general?
7/14/2019 c16 Casey525
I think this story is so beautiful I can't wait to read more
7/14/2019 c15 Casey525
I just love this story
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