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4/25 c43 Elesran
I- I don't understand? Wanda? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!
4/22 c42 Guest
Hope she gets her powers back
4/18 c42 Elesran
I'm happy that Pepper's back and that baby Howie will probably have a nice childhood with loving parents, but it's still so infuriating that Sam never did. Leaves me wondering whether she will get along with her brother or not; their possible sibling relationship has as many chances of going well as it has of going down the drain. I'm really curious about how it all turns out.

Also, I wish Sam and Bucky get a bit of time to themselves, they could do with some peace and quiet, especially after all the bullshit going on in their lives.

Can't wait for the next chapter, this is such a great story :)
4/13 c42 Rogue Reader
My heart breaks for the Stark-Potts family. I hope they can repair whatever is left of their relationship.
4/12 c31 Guest
When are you updating I miss this story
4/6 c1 Guest
Are you ok?
3/25 c41 Katy
Hey Lexi your chapters aren’t dense but I’d prefer the shorter chapters if it means you’ll update more often, if not do them however you prefer
Love Bucky and Sam
Keep it up!
3/14 c41 Guest
I like long chapters don’t worry!
3/13 c41 Rogue Reader
Whoa! What a great chapter! I hope Sam gets accepted by everyone.
2/18 c40 Guest
*Rose from Titanic voice* Come Baaaaaaack
2/13 c40 Guest
I really want to see Bucky’s reaction, and oddly enough Steve’s too even though he’s kinda been behaving a douche.
1/31 c39 Grace
Loved your story, would love to read more3
1/16 c39 Guest
Love it, can’t wait for the next one
1/17 c1 1tnethereal
Hello Reddit friend! Thanks for the comment. I love the MCU, so I'll definitely be checking this out! :)
1/15 c39 Rogue Reader
Things are getting intense! Love this chapter!
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