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for Naruto the Quirky Villain

8/5 c42 6Primus2021
I personally if I was Naruto in this ...

I would have never given up my mom's quirk, I'd have kept it as a way to honor her, even if I did think that I'd accidentally stolen her quirk and gotten her killed.

Actually, it's because of that very idea I'd have kept it and done my best to not make such a thing be in vain.

Although, I'd also never think I stole her quirk in the first place, after all, Bakugo has his mom's sweat and his dad's explosion powers, while Todoroki has his dad's fire and his mom's ice, that would be my thought process, that I'd gained my dad's toad quirk and my mom's chain quirk.
8/4 c39 Primus2021
Please don't tell me that Danzo just created the MHA version of the Sentinels and the Manhunters from marvel and DC comics!

I just saw a MHA / X-Men Days of Futures Past fanart on DeviantArt, so I hope that this isn't going to go that way...
8/4 c31 Primus2021
Pity, I really was rooting for the harem route.

I wonder what a "True Harem" is, in comparison to something else...?
7/28 c6 TheUnknowableOne
Big mistake lady.
7/20 c46 Guest
Will this ever get updated? This is my most favorite story out the one you have. Please don’t let such a good work die off.
7/14 c6 1realfan16
i hope the drama will be eeepiccc
7/14 c2 realfan16
hmmm decent quirk versatility wise
7/5 c46 SuperReader3000
Love this and hope you’re able to come back to it!
7/5 c28 Azreus
How disgusting and despicable, Naruto is unlucky having her as a mother
7/3 c11 Guest

Kinda wanted naruto to have some fox with his toad

Maybe get fox fire or something...he has whisker marks so I think my guess was valid about kushina being a kitsune type mutant quirk
6/24 c46 megablaziken745
Kindly update
6/22 c46 7zakan
Ok this is pretty good until kow, hope you keep it going on at some time
6/21 c46 blunt.raps69
Love this story and really hope you continue it.
6/12 c40 AMurder0fCrows
fusions suck
6/11 c46 CursedGenesis
I like the concept. Your prose is excellent and allows for your storytelling to be conveyed in a natural setting. You’ve done well in implementing the Naruto factors into the MHA universe in a unique manner that I was pleasantly surprised by how seamless certain aspects felt. However, I personally feel like the weakest part of your story is the consistency as a whole. The story of Naruto being a general prankster villain was a fun setup which led for the inclusion of plot down the line but it feels like you had a mindset shift as the introduction of UA happened. The story went from a lightheaded slow build up to dramatic action and constant pacing. After 1/3 of the way through the story, you never really let Naruto relax. Your words felt like you needed to have an action behind every letter. You obviously have a goal you want to reach but it feels like you’re now doing your best to reach it as fast as you can. Idk, maybe I’m over-analytical. Maybe I just don’t “vibe” with the storyline you’ve set up. Either way, keep writing. Despite my personal gripes, you’re an excellent writer who is obviously extremely creative. I really enjoyed the first half of your story and had a smile on my face for most of it. I wish you the best in your endeavors.
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