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for Naruto the Quirky Villain

6/13 c44 alexanderyorbi197
Tu Fanfic estuvo bueno espero que lo sigas haciendo
6/12 c44 PsychoStorys
Please more! this so fucking good
6/9 c44 carneyjarred
I think the multiple quirk thing was unnecessary and I think this should have been a slice of life story with a little plot like kurama still being number one villain after AFO downfall (basically mha plot is background).
6/8 c20 2Shadastra
All Might: I fear no man. But that...THING...
*sobs quietly*
It scares me.
6/6 c44 gmhribrahimsoleh89
Very nice touch here. A look into Naruto psychology. I hope you will continue with this story. Starting to get interesting and fluffy. Kuddos
6/6 c1 10Kofukuna Shi no Kami
You fucking beautiful legend its great to have you back!
6/4 c1 yellowgoodboat
Ok Ummm, the first time I went through this fiction, I didn't really find that much trouble reading it, probably because it was new. Now that I am rereading it, I find that there were actually a lot of grammar errors, and some of the wording is really childish. I would suggest getting a beta reader/editor. Still a good story though.
6/2 c29 WoodenDraconis
I just have one thing to say. HOW MANY GIRLS ARE GOING TO HAVE A CRUSH ON NARUTO?! I think that there are like 6 different girls who all have a crush on him.
5/30 c18 WoodenDraconis
This chapter was awesome yet also terrifying.
5/30 c33 Axccel
Oh, Naruto you glorious bastard!
5/29 c1 musizlover2008
You haven't updated this in a year, are you okay?
5/28 c25 Axccel
My God, THIS is the Naruto we all know and love! Every chapter.
5/28 c22 Axccel
It’s just one brilliant accomplishment of cunning after another.
5/27 c14 Axccel
That is so Naruto!
5/27 c9 Axccel
It occurred to me that with his sticking (or even with out it) and his reflexes and if he used his strength, especially leg strength and his whole body like a spring, he could probably dodge attacks even from All Might and grab All Might's limbs and hyper-extend them or dislocate them by using his own strength against him. Even without his poison. Then there's things like clapping hands over his ears to screw with his balance and orientation, nailing his solar plexus to force his body to react instinctively, attacking his kidneys (agonizing places to be hit) and the base of his spine, etc.
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