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4/27 c38 V4l3r14
Maxwell deserves love y'all I loved this chapter
4/26 c38 3Nikolettjay
I may have teared up once or twice while reading this! It's a gorgeous!
Madeleine waking them up was funny. Clearly, unlike Olivia, she's not afraid of 'seeing something she can't unsee' LOL
Also, she sounds like a bossy mother how she's talking to Camilla 'Shower, now!' Love it, haha!
Aww Max, I love how he can be so flaky sometimes but he comes through at all the right times/moments. He's SUCH a wonderful friend to them!
I feel bad for Drake though, his discomfort is clearer here than in canon. Having this huge public wedding is just not what he wanted... I know, they agreed on it for Cordonia but he's so far out of his comfort zone poor guy, but I love how Liam acknoweges that, also, I wanna know what song he chose!
I love that they chose the chocolate cake, it's, in my opinion. the ONLY choice if Drake is your LI! :)
I liked Mill's reasoning over the choice of cake fillings, kinda agree with her too, even if the thought of chocolate on chocolate sounds super tempting.
lol wendy flirting.
I love how Hana was like 'A knife?' then moments later was comparing the 2 choices in detail. So very Hana, I was impressed too. On the subject of knifees, Oliva is awesome!
Brva & determined Camilla is also awesome!
Aww their elopment was after midnight, technically the same day as the big court event.. I love that! The ending was freaking PERFECT! I love them so much! 3 3 3
4/24 c37 V4l3r14
I cried ️
4/5 c37 Nikolettjay
I'm sorry to sound like a parrot but I LOOOOOVVEE their relationship soooo much! They balance each other out perfectly. She is the louder more outgoing one who brings him out of his shell. By all appearances, she seems to be the more dominant one, but he is no wet blanket and is strong when she is weak, he is her rock! Am I rambling? Probably but I love how he called her out on how she was towards her mom and then got and then pushed her (lovingly) towards a resolution. I freaking LOVED that! Beautiful! I h/c my own pairing to have a very similar dynamic, it'll play out very differently though. Poor Milla though, getting so stressed, her family are a handful, especially her mother. I love how I can feel all of their personality coming through! She shouldn't have been embarrassed about losing it though, I think it was perfectly justified, lol!
Drake & Savannah's brother/sister moment was cute, how he was going on and on with his big bro protectiveness and NOT listening, lol. That is soooooooooo him, haha!
Oh, and I loved Max's 'I'm just like an excited puppy' moment! Hilarious and adorable
Thank you for another beautiful chapter! 3
3/22 c36 Nikolettjay
I love how Milla's pre-Cordonia friends were there. Hey I also chose Oliva and Maxwell during the 'magic' show, too. Didn't have the heart to make Drake go up there although I am curious about his reaction (As for Bertrand, he woulda had a heart attack lol)
I looooooove all the moments with Milla and Drake when she told him that he was the best thing that ever happened to her...Ahhhh my heart!
I loved how you wrote drunk Drake' LOL And the morning after, their initial funny little exchange "No offence but you stink" LOL They are so funny/cute together. I love how he coaxes her to get ready to leave. They are so 'couplegoals'
Oh and their 'Ex' talk, poor Drake!
Wonderful chapter! (As always!)
2/14 c34 Nikolettjay
Forgot to comment on this wonderful chapter!
It never fails to astonish me how wonderfully realistic they are as a couple, AND as people. They are not invincible and are not immune to moments of weakness. They are going through A LOT right now, it's beautiful how Drake comforted Milla, just like she has for him before. They are each other's rock! Then there's their banter in Valtoria, it was so sweet/funny they love each other so much.. Through thick/thin good/bad. It's beautiful to see 3
2/14 c35 Nikolettjay
They are sooo CUUTTEEE! Gah I love them so much, they are beautiful together. Made me giggle when she called him 'stud' lol
I love how you had Milla supporting Drake. You wrote his anxiety and stress is so so freakin well, I felt for him so much. I like also he wanted to step in and stop the servants from taking Hana's stuff, heck and I don't blame him...You know it always irked me that they were allowed to waltz into their dutchy and take it all so I was like, 'Yeah Go Drake!' lol. Trust Liam to be the voice of reason!
Oh and I enjoyed Liam's reaction to the trousseau, it made me laugh out loud! I'm glad he and Drake talked it over after
Drake regretted speaking to Adelaide alone... AHAHAHAHAHA!
Wonderful chapter..Yet again! xoxo
1/22 c34 V4l3r14
Love this
1/4 c33 Nikolettjay
I may have freaked out just a little when I saw the notification for this chapter... In a good way of course, lol
I hardly know where to begin, there's so much I loved about this chapter. I love, no ADORE how you write Drake. I've probably said so before but I feel the need to repeat it. It's SO believably him and it's wonderful to read all these familiar canon events from his pov.
His dynamic with Milla... LOOOVEE! My favourite part was when he got his bossy/protective head on when talking to her in the ice palace. He takes the well being of his lady VERY seriously. Gah, he's so perfect
Thank you for the way you handled how they questioned Kiara. It irked me that she seemed to be pushed forward as a suspect more than other characters to the point to them asking her "do you have something you want to confess?" It was dumb! You handled it better, showing them suspecting others with equal interest AND showing concern for her darn trauma! Heck, the canon writers could learn a lot from you!
Olivia's reaction to seeing Drake in Milla's bed! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Which also leads on to your correction of another plot hole. How the hell they all knew that the MC was missing AND where she had gone to. Having a half-asleep Drake overhear and alert security made SOOOO MUCH MORE SENSE!
Anyway, in case you can't tell I REALLY loved this chapter! It's probably my Favourite of all your book 3 chapters s so far. Except maybe Drake's proposal, lol
1/3 c32 Nikolettjay
Beautiful chapter, as always. Liam's grief deserved this and I agree that canon doesn't really do it any justice. Soo.. thanks for fixing yet another of their many mistakes :)
It's kinda funny to see Milla be so sad for Constantine, but I think I've been reading too many fics where he is a bigger villain, even in my own he's gonna be turn out to be a little more ruthless.
But damn this whole thing is soooo good! The way Drake and Milla are together. Bellissima!
12/13/2020 c32 V4l3r14
I love how real this is
11/2/2020 c31 Nikolettjay
Another amazing chapter! I love how you take canon, expand on it and make it 10 x better. The best example here is post duel. It bothers me that you're given no option but to ignore Drake and instead help out Olivia then Bertrand. You address that flaw wonderfully by having her stick with him until he tells her to go support Olivia. I've missed this story and am thrilled your still writing it. I have been working on my own Drake x mc fic, mostly from the latter's POV but I did write one particular chapter that was inspired by a moment in your story. So, thank you for that. can't wait for the next chapter. X
11/1/2020 c28 V4l3r14
Omg I got an update notification for chapter 31 but is not there anymore please update soon :( I love your work
8/18/2020 c1 Tfreda
OMGOTH! I so love the way you have filled in and out the gaps in the story! The little meaty tidbits! The reasoning behind some of their actions! I must be a late bloomer with this series as I just learned about them and am waiting for the TRH3 to come out Friday! I’m so into this story and they way you are writing it is more like novel that my husband is like WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING ON YOUR PHONE FOR SOOOOO LONG! Lmao I love the realism of the life as are living it. If it’s the fights, cursing, the MC family and life before her going to Cordonia. Are a reader all I can say is. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Please continue with your writing! I so enjoy it!
8/17/2020 c29 V4l3r14
I was wondering, are you going to include the chapters from "the royal holiday"? I love how thanks to you we can really see what's going on in Drake's head in a realistic
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