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11/9/2020 c16 CloudNTifa4Ever
What a great story so far! I LOVE it! Can’t wait to see what happens when he finally makes it to Midgar! :D
9/15/2020 c15 2Angst Chaser
Keep going, I’m liking it a lot so far. I’m hoping there is going to be a lot of angst in the future, but overall good job!

6/23/2020 c15 BlueMapple
This story is really interesting.

I was just wondering, in the character listing, shouldn't you add OC ?
Thanks for the chapter :)
5/4/2020 c8 2Roland's Blade
In the last review, I meant it's meaningless to the reader, not the character. Typo.
5/4/2020 c7 Roland's Blade
The story is taking too long to meaningfully progress. This section has pushed the main story thread out of the picture; and without a plot behind these chapters, it is meaningless to the character. We already understand that these scientists are apathetic. Kidnapping a child leaves that kind of impression, after all. Instead of these chapters, the story should have cut forward to a major event. We came to read a variation of FF7, not his whole life story. One may have had 'Addy' help teenage Cloud escape, making her inevitable death much more heart breaking.
5/1/2020 c14 1Capell
Thank you for the super quick update! I enjoy the character development you have shown so far and look forward to more int he future.

I hope you are enjoying writing this story as much as I am reading it! Best of luck.
4/28/2020 c13 Capell
A really interesting concept for a story - I'm slightly surprised no one has ever actually thought of doing this before...so kudos to you!

I enjoy how you realistically represent a child Cloud who has latched onto a plush as his source of comfort and how his personality is starting to change because of the limited social interaction with others his age.

I would love to know what that materia list looks like, guess I'll just have to wait and see. I will continue to look forward to future updates in what is a thrilling story so far!
4/27/2020 c13 10Ally Nicole Rose
This story is great so far, I’m really liking it! Keep up the good work! Also, random question, but between powerful items being forced into Cloud, and his hair going white because of this, did you get some inspiration from Fire Emblem 3 Houses. If so... please say Cloud’s life isn’t going to be shortened like Lysethia’s
So far, it's been a great story... Can't wait until Cloud becomes a SOLDIER lol. Looking forward to the next update :)
Lol, Cloud's Elsa
1/8/2020 c7 Guest
Very interesting
11/13/2019 c3 21CrazyVanitasFanGirl
Yay! I like Addy! Yet again, another good chapter, till next time!
11/12/2019 c2 CrazyVanitasFanGirl
Ouch, mister Hojo! Sheesh, something is mentally wrong with him. Anyway, good chapter, yet again
11/12/2019 c1 CrazyVanitasFanGirl
I like this story! Keep it up!
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