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6/18 c9 story absorber
aw Jesus this chapter was amazing their are other fanfiction that features zabuza and haku joining the leaf village but those are like "oh hey naruto brought you back so here are positions in our military" and its like super dumb and in yours you actually supplied the reasons why zabuza should become a leaf ninja
6/13 c97 4G3r1k
Ohhhh. That’s not good.
6/12 c1 Darkeous
awwww friendship cute AAAAAAA
6/7 c22 mattywilkss
you might be the only person i've ever even heard of who gives a shit about these sound rejects. please stop. they are trash characters who are one trick ponies.
6/7 c96 G3r1k
Oh. He’s gonna wish he had done recon.
6/6 c96 rarrarshark
Thank you for the chapter!
6/2 c95 G3r1k
I’m glad they had that talk.
6/1 c95 2papireaz
Caught up on it in 2 days...

Pretty fucking cool
5/27 c32 LampKing
welp toad sage=no sage. just a really bad portrayal of Jiraiya imo, unfortunately he's a big part of the story and I can't stand this new Jiraiya. besides that good luck.
5/23 c94 4G3r1k
Personal reflection time.
5/23 c93 AliasTesin
War and combat scenes, all chaotic but extremely detailed and compelling! I love your great story here!
5/16 c93 G3r1k
Ohh. That’s bad.
5/14 c92 AliasTesin
I really enjoyed the - vivid - kiss scene of our Naruto and Ten/Zet! Nicely horror, huhhh?
5/11 c38 Guest
He knows he can use his shadow clones to train, so why isn’t he?
5/11 c36 Guest
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