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8/10/2019 c5 9Macapedia
At least now we know that Abene isn't the Hydra Knight. I wonder where the field trip is to and who is the Hydra Knight.
7/15/2019 c5 Bookworm101234
This was good! The wording and writing could use a bit of editing. I liked the intro of Abene and Sultan as Rangers and I love the sibling dynamic they have. It's cute. I felt the zord battle was weak, but I understand where you're coming from with it just being the zords and not the megazord. Good job!
7/7/2019 c5 Mind On Fire
Sorryf or the late review, just got back from vacation.
I think you're oing great and this plot is developing nicely. Keep it up!
7/4/2019 c5 10Outcast001
Whoop! Awesome chapter! I really liked Sultan, he seems like a cool guy (pun not intended), and Abene, my gal, was great! Loving the interactions so far! The battle scenes were good, the wording was a little off, but all in all I really enjoyed this! You've done well, keep up the good work!
6/9/2019 c1 Guest


6/10/2019 c4 9Macapedia
I always thought that there will be a ranger-like villain. Maybe you should have a crossover with Power Rangers Beast Morphers.
6/7/2019 c4 10Outcast001
Awesome chapter! The fight scenes were pretty cool, but I find myself enjoying the character interactions much more. Simply because they're interesting and fun! I get what you mean by this chapter just getting stuff done, but it's important and you still made it interesting! Well done!

Keep up the good work!
6/7/2019 c4 5San Wolves
Nice chapter.
5/27/2019 c3 Koren
I like what you have going here as i could easily see this being a part of the Ranger universe. There is some gramer errors but they are minor. I look forward to more but one question, will the Dragonzord be making an appreance?
5/26/2019 c2 15Ranger Red 2.3
Amazing Chapter Kaiju, I like the introductions of the Characters and I can't wait to read more my friend and the Cast looks Great :-D
5/8/2019 c2 3reddevil47
Cool story so far
5/7/2019 c2 Mind On Fire
Hey yo, sorry for the late review.. I've had a crazy past couple of days.

Great job with Cora and I'm really liking the set up so far.
Not much else to say since my brain has melted, but looking forward to next time!
5/5/2019 c2 10Outcast001
Whoop! Very good! Though, in the scene with the bullies, Kitiara is mentioned, which I don't think it was meant to happen. Either way, this was a fun chapter to read and we get a peek at all/most of the main characters! Well done!
5/5/2019 c2 43Thunderstrike16
Great start for the story. I was hoping you would use my OC, but I don't mind. Keep up the good work.
5/5/2019 c2 9Macapedia
Great Start! Though I am disappointed that you didn't use any of my O.C.s. I hope you add some comic relief.
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